16 City Employees Nabbed for Stealing City's Copper

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Arthur Samuel, city employee and alleged copper thief
Sixteen city employees have been charged with stealing copper, because hey, it was there for the taking, we guess.

Seven have been arrested so far, HPD says.

Investigators got a tip that the workers were selling copper to Latino's Scrap Yard in the 300 block of East Mount Houston. They set up surveillance and saw a City of Houston truck pull up with two employees who unloaded "several pounds of copper and brass from the truck for the purpose of selling it to the scrap yard."

Material was taken from at least four city sites since January, investigators say.

The names, from HPD:

The following seven suspects are in custody and charged with felony theft by a public servant: Charles Bernard Davis (b/m, DOB: 10-12-58), Braulio Arroyo (H/m, DOB: 8-29-46), Frank Jerome Johnson (b/m, DOB: 2-12-79), Raymond Esparza (H/m, DOB: 10-28-51), Quincy Jones (b/m, DOB: 10-11-72) Bobby Earl Price (b/m, DOB: 4-22-86) and Arthur Samuel (b/m, DOB: 5-5-68).

Two other suspects, Terry Whiting (b/m, DOB: 12-20-65) and Robert Fitzgerald White (b/m, DOB: 8-19-68) are charged with felony theft by a public servant and have turned themselves in and posted bond. Two additional suspects, Seferino Rios (H/m, DOB: 4-23-67) and Stephen Segundo (H/m, DOB: 10-28-69). are also charged with felony theft by a public servant and remain at large, but are expected to turn themselves in.

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Proud American
Proud American

@J Nable what did you expect white people working for the city duh

J Nable
J Nable

Racism is bad enough in this country and this friggin thieves aren't helping it any. Notice that the names along with their DOBs and booking info either say b/m or H/m. That's black male or Hispanic male. What makes this worse is that they are suposed to be public servants! I hope they get really severe and long sentences.


Coppers catch copper thieves, suspects likely to cop a plea.

Capt. Obvious
Capt. Obvious

Selling it right out of a city truck?? Not only thieves, but idiots as well.

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