What Texas Needs: Armed School Board Members

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This'll liven up a dull school board meeting
Last December, a man named Clay Duke achieved brief national fame for video footage of him pointing a gun at the members of a Florida school board.

The pantywaists up north might not know what the solution is to such a problem, but here in Texas at least one legislator does: Arm the school board. And the superintendent.

Rep. Dan Huberty of Kingwood (we'll let you guess whether he has a "D" or an "R" after his name) has introduced a bill allowing school board members and superintendents with concealed handgun licenses to come strapped to school board meetings.

Formally, it exempts them from the law banning guns at such meetings if they are at one in an official capacity.

So, HISD spokesman Jason Spencer, does Terry Grier have a Texas CHL?

"I don't know," he says, and couldn't reach Grier to check, even though it's information that obviously everyone would have to take into consideration before attending an HISD board meeting.

CHL info is not subject to open records requests, so we also don't know if any board members might be carrying if the bill becomes law.

Spencer noted that HISD has nothing to do with the legislation.

"Our board hasn't taken a position on the bill and it is not part of our legislative agenda," he says.

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Gene Green (D - Houston) introduced a concealed weapons bill to the Texas Lege every single session for 10 years until it finally passed. Just saying....


So there's no zero-tolerance policy at school board meetings?


If arming school board members doesn’t solve anything, I’d like to suggest a couple other possibilities:a)More prayer during school board meetings. They might need to post the Ten Commandments and the Gospel of Matthew on the wall, just to be safe; andb)Tax cuts for the richest folks in the district.Nobody needs to mention these ideas to the school board. Elected officials in Texas tend to come up with them on their own.

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