Weasley Brothers Coming to Houston: Ummm, Yay?

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The Weasleys: One's Fred, one's George
Comicpalooza has announced a new bunch of guests for its Memorial Day Weekend event, and the biggest news is that they include some Harry Potter stars!!

Well, co-stars.

Actually, let's just say they're characters. But they do show up in every film!!

The Weasley Brothers are coming to town!!

It's not quite Harry. Or Hermione. Or Hagrid, for that matter. But there are two of them, at least, so there's that.

Fred and George are played by James and Oliver Phelps, and don't ask us which one plays which.

We've actually always felt the films shortchanged them as opposed to the books, but as comic relief they're probably the first to get cut in screenplays or the editing room.

Anyway, be sure to ask them something about Quidditch, because we're sure they've never been asked about it!

Just don't ask them about their film and TV roles outside the Potter series, because it will be a short conversation.

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Wow! Those guys are even oranger in person!


Awww....I wish this convention weren't so far away- I would love to see them. I really enjoyed their characters in the movies and I thought they were well-cast.

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