UFOs in East Texas: The Compelling Video That Will Make You Believe

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UFOs, as all perceptive scientists know, do most of the F-ing in the rural portions of the world. Something about supple farmer ass just begs for an anal probe, we guess. We don't judge.

Here in Texas, the western part of the state gets its fair share of UFO claims, but we prefer the East Texas kind.

And if you're talking East Texas UFO's, you're mostly talking KLTV news.

5. Hyperspeed
"The UFO was going so crazy that they had to move the camera just to keep up with its movement," the reporter intones. Yeah, some people have to do the same thing with their 85-year-old grandmother.

4. Is It an Exclusive if No One Else Wants It?
"Over the years we've shown you video and snapshots of flying objects that East Texans think are out of this world. But new tonight, KLTV 7 has made contact with a woman claiming to have been up close with beings from outer space. Now, the woman who lives here in East Texas but was born in England says no matter where she moved in life, the aliens followed. In a KLTV 7 exclusive tonight...."

Oh, we bet it was an exclusive.

3. KLTV OWNS This Beat
"For just a minute you can see something, a flash, and then it's gone." Check out this thrilling report of phone-camera footage.

2. Breaking News, Seven Decades Later

1. He Won't Go Public with It, But We Will
A "skywatcher" doesn't want his name attached anywhere to this report, but the footage is (apparently) compelling enough to do the job on its own.

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I'm a skeptic, but, dammit, man, your display of gratuitous jerkitude makes me very sympathetic to these people. What I can't understand is what you were trying to accomplish by flinging around insults like they were Mardi Gras beads. Surely you weren't trying to persuade anyone who didn't already have a fixed opinion, because who would possibly be attracted to your position by such a nasty, mean-spirited bit of bullying? The only thing I can figure is that it was a bit of showing off for your buddies. If so, just count me out of that group.

Gaspar Ramsey
Gaspar Ramsey

Do alien anal probes destroy the ability to use proper grammar? Are people who create run-on sentences the progeny of aliens? Why are tea-bag populists more likely to have been the victims of alien abductions than normal people? Why, with all the guns in Texas, are there no alien bodies littering the landscape? The answer to all these questions and more is evidence of a GIANT CONSPIRACY and a GOVERNMENT COVERUP!


Why if America is "free" and "educated" are so few of them apparently unhappy, that on the subjects of UFO's etc their government refuses to inform them, actually lies to them, about events happening that effects their security and freedom of knowledge.

With the world evidence, such as France, officially confirming UFO's as a reality do they continue to accept such disinformation from their governments as acceptable.


Are you kidding me?

5. A light in the sky that moves really fast yet has no frame of reference and moves in and out? that is a shaky hand and playing with the zoom.

4. Alien Pregnancy? Oh yeah they just happened to take it right before she would start to show.

3. yeah a black spot on a phone as someone turns it around... and yet no one else see it... Try washing your hands... it was most likley a spot of dirty? from the stuff they were wearing... Were you on the beach? Sand anyone?

2. the only piece of evidence a photo... was lost? you only have one copy of the photo that proves we aren't alone!

1. This video is just a complied list that follows along with 5. Shake camera work, and no point of reference.

Next time at least try to find something.

David Whitten
David Whitten

East Texas has a serious problem with methamphetamine dependency. Here is a fine example of this phenomenon. "Yeeee Yaaawww. Momma, come in here and look at this UFO. Get Billy Bob and grandma, hurry." Trust me, if intelligent life were to come this world, they would likely be in search of intelligent life.


If I was an alien and decided to try and meet the people on earth I think I'd pick a farmer out in the middle of nowhere too. Why would I land on the White House lawn not knowing anything about the people of earth. Maybe the earthlings are the scary ones.Think of the crew of the Enterprise, better to sneak around a bit first and learn about the planet and it's people before blatantly announcing yourself, and getting shot at.

Michael Franklin
Michael Franklin

Skepticism is a healthy thing, when it is applied with discretion. This is because too much of anything and it becomes a bad thing.

In the case of UFOs, agnosticism seems the most correct avenue because it allows you to keep and open mind without having to bite the hook. Industrial skeps and bunks miss the point because their minds are like steel traps that have already been locked shut.

UFOs have been around, consistently, for far too long to be explained away as repeated passes of Venus, exposure to swamp gas or temperature inversions. These write-offs become just too convenient.

It may be that one day, we will be smart enough to know what they are. We may find out that some are living organisms that exist in the upper reaches of our atmosphere or forms of electrical discharge we are not yet familiar with. And yes, we might someday get to shake hands... or tendrils, with ET.

Closed minds get lost in open spaces. Don't be one of them.


Yes, there are nut cases and freaks here in East Texas as well as anywhere else, but to make a blanket statement that every UFO report and sighting is ridiculous merely proves your ignorance of the matter. Don't smugly sit back and proclaim what exists and what doesn't without any research of your own into the matter--as someone else said, many of us are adults and quite intelligent enough to decide for ourselves. I used to think UFOs were fairy tales also, but I've done enough of my own research to know now that they aren't. Not sure who is building and flying them, but they have been built and they do fly...all over the world, including the skies of East Texas.

Mel Sharkskin
Mel Sharkskin

The young Mel Sharkskin made his first TV appearance on Tyler's KLTV at the age of 8, wearing a Beatle wig and lip-syncing to "She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)." So it is clear they have always had trouble filling the nightly news hole.

However, if I might be serious for a moment (and under the circumstance, this is by no means easy), I would like to bring my credentials as an aviation "expert" to bear on the footage in No. 1. This is clearly a fighter jet or a high-performance jet trainer doing aerobatic maneuvers in and out of the overcast, which is pretty well against the rules. But that's irrelevant.

The fact is, if these small-town Northeast Texas types had movie theaters in their towns, they wouldn't need UFOs to liven up their drab and uneventful lives.


It's because of stories like this that people don't want their names attached to otherwise valid reports of strange things in the sky. The ridicule is unnecessary. Readers are smart enough to distinguish bogus, poorly documented reports from valid ones, without references to "supple farmer ass," as in this article. So, maybe the ridicule and condescension is unnecessary? Instead, perhaps more journalists could go read Leslie Kean's "UFO's: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record", and explain the tremendous amount of evidence presented which shows that something strange is, in fact, happening in our skies. Yes, all over the world, and in both rural and urban areas. Unless you don't find radar data or testimony by heads of military, FAA administrators, NASA scientists, etc. all that convincing? I do. That book changed my mind about this phenomenon. I used to feel like this journalist did, so his attitude can probably be forgiven, but... not for much longer, since the good information has actually been coming out for a few years now.


Methamphetamine is a powerful drug.

Integra parts
Integra parts

i just love this blog i m always curious to know the world out of our galaxy...the vedios in this blog are just unbelievable but this is the truth.no one can deny the presence of alliens now...

Mel Sharkskin
Mel Sharkskin

Despite the jabs at East Texans (and in my case, having grown up in Northeast Texas, it's like the N-word -- I can do it, but if you haven't, you can't), I believe Mr. Connelly's real target was obvious -- the TV station. Just because it's a small-town market (the station is located in Tyler), KLTV should be held to the same high standards of journalism that, despite having taken such a beating over the years, reporters and editors are obligated to follow. In this case, any fool can see they have not. You don't present this kind of stuff to your consumers without the slightest hint of skepticism or balancing information at all, but that's what they've done. And as Connelly has proven, they are frequent repeat offenders.Why am I even explaining this? It's self-evident, f'chrissakes, and Richard Connelly needs no defense as a journalist. Meanwhile, KLTV has no defense. It's just trash TV, pure and simple. And even simpletons who see chimeras in the sky should be able to can see that.


Type your comment here.don't look up you'll be fine

Joaquim Fernandes
Joaquim Fernandes

I joint this information about one of the most spectacular mythical narrative of an aerial phenomenon event in our age.

Fatima 1917 as a six serial episodes gathered around 50 thousand witnesses in one single day – October 13, 1917.

That day the phenomenon was describes as a “silver disc” as large as the moon hovering over the terrified people, with

Suddenly effects of drying clothes, strong heat and “miraculous” cures.

I call your attention to the Fatima Trilogy books, published by Anomalist Books,


the most complete series of a scientific and historical research based on true and original Portuguese documents in the Fatima Archives.

This long-term unique studies differs from all the apologetic/religious interpretations based on belief systems bias or any other

work written by foreigner authors ignoring the Fatima 1917 original sources.

This material allow us to compare languages and symbols used in different cultural and time/space contexts.

Also, now, translated into Spanish, by Nowtilus Editiones, de Madrid, as “El Secreto de Fatima”.

We appreciate all the diffusion of this work within your educational and social links.

Thank you very much,

Best regards,

Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D

University Fernando Pessoa

Praça 9 de Abril, 349

4249-004 Porto


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