Super Bowl XLV: Livebloggin' the Commercials!

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Betty White enjoys a Snickers.
For someone who watches the biggest television event in America strictly for the breaks, last year was a bummer. Betty White's Snicker's ad, and the Kia commercial featuring a posse of partying toys were two standouts in a year of boring, sexist and outright dumb spots. Will this year be better? Let's kickoff the Super Bowl commercial liveblog!

First, a word. I am the kind of person who is very easily emotionally manipulated by commercials. They often make me cry, or laugh, even when I know I'm being taken advantage of. That said, if you want to watch the commercials right after they air, you can do so on YouTube's Adblitz.

Christina Aquilara has no doubt had a bad year or two, but more and more she's starting to remind me of Hachetface from John Water's Crybaby. People were taking bets on how long her diva-esque version would last but she didn't overdo it. Rocks Off thinks she fubared the words? Not like I wouldn't have done the same thing.

First round of commercials starts with some kid-friendly fare. The McDonald's bears -- there's always a french fry in the bottom of the bag -- was cute but not clever. People remarking on how many commercials involved some kind of social media element. LivingSocial's commercial about using their coupons to step out of one's comfort zone is an early favorite. Racy, funny and kind of touching.

Bud Light extreme home makeover ad was funny for two seconds, had the wife not magically succumbed to the allure of such a shitty beer. Cute Doritos pug wins points until the commercial devolves into slapstick.

Bravo to Kenny G for his cameo in the "Release the Hounds" Audi ad, which pokes fun at the corporate greed that has disgusted America the past few years. Though I still don't know many non-corporate types who could afford an Audi.

What is it with Doritos? Their ads used to be somewhat clever but now it's like they're gearing for the 14 year old boys in the crowd. Pepsi Max's ad turns the dieting woman trope on it's head. I'll admit it. I lulled.

Never a fan of CGI, but the whale in that Chevy/Lassie commercial was pretty cool. And now there have been two Pepsi commercials where cans of the soda have been used as weapons. From now on we're ignoring the rest of the Doritos commercials.

Cowboys and Aliens? Really? Really? And could Brisk not actually afford Eminem?

Okay, for a car ad, the Volt commercial is pretty touching. It almost made me tear up. ALMOST.

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old phones
old phones

So, I just sat down in front of the TV with a bunch of ad people, ready to spout opinions. Let the Ad Bowl begin. What's the weird game they're playing in the breaks, by the way?

Gaston Cantens
Gaston Cantens

Captain America looked better than I expected, much better than Thor. So far Super 8 is the best movie ad though.

2010 Acura Rds parts
2010 Acura Rds parts

That's true LivingSocial's commercial about using their coupons to step out of one's comfort zone is an early favorite..


By far, 'How Living Social Changed my Life' was the best. The transition of the beard, priceless. Second place is a tie and goes to 'Dorito's Best Part' and ' E-Trade Tailor'. The Italian accent caught me off guard.

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