Super Bowl XLV Commercials: The 5 Best and 5 Worst

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Baby Darth Vader is soooooo cutesy-wootsey
From Audi to Groupon, yesterday's Super Bowl Commercials ran the gamut. There was less blatant sexism than previous years, and a lot more CGI, and a few commercials sure to have people talking either due to their shock value or outright offensiveness. Below, the five best and five worst of the lot.

First, the best:

5. Volkswagen's "Black Beetle"

Volkswagen wins for coolest CGI.

4. Audi's "Release The Hounds"

Audi's take on white-collar criminals was almost cinematic in its detail. If you blinked you missed half the jokes. And Kenny G cameoed.

3. Coca-Cola's "Border"

In keeping with Coke's Super Bowl themes of yore, this one was simple, subtle and sweet.

2. Volkswagen's "The Force"

The perfect crowd-pleaser. Cute little kid, nerdiness and evil. Something for everyone. Love it.

1. Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit"

Quite simply, beautifully shot. It almost looks like a CVB ad for Detroit. But... wonder how much of taxpayers' money went into shooting it?

Odd that most of the good commercials were for car companies. CarMax's "Kid In A Candy Store" just barely skipped the list but it was fast, funny and fun as well. And it seemed like the ads got worse after halftime. Guess the advertisers figure people are too drunk to care by then?

Now, the worst:

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Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

First, thank you for sparing us the fat of the Super Bowl itself, to get to the meat - the commercials! I agree: These car commercials ain't shabby. Guess the whole industry's like Avis now, they gotta try harder. Audi's was superlative; the Passat, too, but Chrysler's twangs your heart. (Even though I found it just as offensive as you deem Timothy Hutton's role when the white guy -- yeah, I know who he is -- horns in on the African-American choir to deliver the punchline.)Another PC note: PepsiCo/FritoLay is a pretty progressive co., so I think those commercials were tongue-in-cheek. Wonder if it would work to flip the genders' dialogue and run that version, too?)


I liked the Doritos commercial where the guy was resurrecting all the dead things with Dorito crumbs. LOL when grandpa stood up in a puff of dust.


I liked the monkeys that boxed the guy into his car. For some reason, monkeys in human activites is always gold.


Wait, the 'How Living Social Changed my Life' ad didn't get listed? Google it, it's hilarious!

big red
big red

The absolute worst, and the one that should never have been shown, was the Doritos commercial where the guy is licking up the crumbs. That was classless and disgusting, and definitely not funny at all. What a waste of $3 million. All in all, the Doritos commercials were all poorly done and Frito Lay should fire the ad agency responsible for those bombs.


I thought the Groupon Tibet commercial was hilarious.

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