Snopocalypse : Mayor, County Judge Urge Staying Home Tomorrow

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Stay home, commuters
Mayor Annise Parker and County Judge Ed Emmett are urging Houstonians to stay at home tomorrow morning instead of risking their morning commute.

Roads will be icy and treacherous in the morning, they said.

Commuters "should stay off the roads -- once that slush...stays frozen, tomorrow's commute will be very problematic," Parker said at a joint press conference at TranStar.

Nonessential Houston city workers will be taking an unpaid furlough day tomorrow.

"Most people should be prepared not to travel until Saturday noon," Emmett said.

The current predictions call for a reasonable-enough evening rush hour tonight. But snow and ice will begin to fall tonight, mostly between midnight and 6 a.m. You'll be waking up to an inch or two of snow on the ground and roads that could be icy underneath it.

Almost all school districts in the area have announced they're closed for tomorrow; check here for updated news on closings.

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to u guys that are get'n a laugh, keep in mind that we arent use to this winter storm nor being in da effin 20's compare to ya'll up north!!!! come down here when its blow a 100's & tell me how fun it feels to ya'll being that ya'll arent use the heat like we are!!!!!!!


Is this a joke? I couldn't stop laughing while reading this article. Freaking out over an inch or two of snow? ahahahahaha Here in Michigan we just got almost two feet of snow within a 12 hour period and life goes on. Time to put on your big girl undies and deal with it! lol


An inch or two? This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. When you get a foot or two then you can start to worry. LOL


First of all, Candi, we are used to heat. Have you ever been North in the summer? It's not hot for as long as you have heat, but for most of June- August it's in the upper 80s and 90s. Not as bad as yours, but you act like it's cold up there. Plus, our schools are not air conditioned. Bet yours are.

I would buy the argument about you not being able to handle the snow because you're not used to it. Sure, I get that. Problem with that though is you don't Get snow.


Probably, but it’s all relative. I was in Omaha one year when the first day of school was cancelled citywide because temps were expected to reach 85. 85 degrees! Fahrenheit!

(This is because SOME of the schools lacked AC.)

I sort of thought someone should have told them to put on THEIR big girl undies… except many of them were only in 2nd grade and probably didn’t own any yet…

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