Robert Raymond Jones Goes All Smokey and the Bandit in East Texas

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Where's Buford T. Pusser when you need him?
Robert Raymond Jones of Houston, you know how to cause a stir.

You get into a hit-and-run accident early Sunday morning, and apparently you take the "run" part of that very, very seriously. Soon cops from several jurisdictions are trailing you.

It is because of you, sir, that a journalist (in this case, from KTRE) had the opportunity to write the following paragraph:

[An officer] said Jones then turned around in the southbound lane, driving northbound and hit five patrol cars before hitting an 18-wheeler head-on. It was then law enforcement was able to arrest him.

Yes, a suspect hitting an 18-wheeler head-on is usually helpful in trying to end a chase.

The final tally:

-- Three Lufkin police officers treated and released from the hospital

-- Two Lufkin police cars seriously damaged

-- One Lufkin police car not so seriously damaged.

-- Three police cars -- one from the Hudson cops, two from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office -- were also hit.

Jones was treated at a hospital and then released to the cops. He faces three counts of aggravated assault on a public servant, a first-degree felony, and one count of evading arrest with a vehicle, a state jail felony.

And, as KTRE puts it, "Hudson police and the sheriff's office would also likely file charges on Jones."

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Ya Don't Say
Ya Don't Say

you in a heap of trouble boy put ten fingers on the fender ...


good ole East poor, only visting motorists pay taxes........look for more tickets to fix these wrecks! Does anyone have a video?

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