Ten Charmingly Strange Old Postcards from Galveston, Beaumont and Baytown

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Last month we shared with you ten charmingly strange old postcards from Houston. Now it's time to give equal love to the places that surround Houston.

As always, Card Cow is the place to go for your vintage-postcard needs.

10. Beaumont: Plenty of Parking!
The Beaumont Village Shopping Center features a Woolworth's, a Beall's and a Walgreens. Somehow it still manages to have enough parking to handle the ensuing crowds, a fact the owners are apparently very proud of.


9. She's Unsinkable
The imaginatively named S.S. Galveston Motel, if by "imaginatively" you mean "Stop trying after you come up with the 'S.S.' part." Or maybe "S.S." refers to Nazi stormtroopers. We can't be sure.


(According to our decidedly amateur sleuthing skills, this is what it looks like now:)

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8. We're Having Fun in Galveston! Empty, Deserted Galveston
If your idea of fun is inhabiting a bleak, depopulated, postapocalyptic landscape where zombies might attack at any minute, Galveston is the place to go. At least there seems to be plenty of PBR.

galvhaving fun.jpg

7. Mr. Sexy, Just Waiting Under Umbrella No. 69
Long pants? Check. Black socks? You bet. Dress shoes? Oh, yeah. Sure, he may look unsuited for the beach, but that naked torso begs to differ. And don't worry, ladies: Yes, he does keep the black socks on while he's doing it.


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Alright, is Lee College a place for Lesbians? Just saying the haircuts don't lie. As for Galveston it sucked when I was a kid and it sucks still today. I went down there for a wedding and wanted to leave as soon as I arrived. I just love standing in the hot dirty gulf water and looking over my shoulder and seeing nothing but fast food joint signs. Really makes the beach ambiance great. Don't get me started on Galveston's version of Mardi Gras.


I didn't look too closely at the postcards, fearing that I might see my thinner self in one of them. Galveston is such a charming city, why did it not keep pace with Houston in developement. There is bound to be real story of the past in Galveston, when it was in its heyday. Like the words suggest, Galveston never lived up to the postcard images. Downtown Galveston is a real ghost town. But I still love that old city with the old homes and hanging moss; it's like a step back in history.


Nothing says Happy Holidays like a grease stained parking lot!

Michael Croft
Michael Croft

Number 5 shows the Balinese Room! Galveston's most notorious mob-run illegal casino...

Cathy T
Cathy T

Downtown Galveston a Ghost town?  You have to be kidding! The strand is huge, alive and crawling with tourists from all the constant Cruise ships docking a block away.  The shopping and dining is great! I agree that a solar-tram tour of the East End historical district is a must see. There is so much grace and glamor in the Island history.


Yep, 'till Attorney General Carr got a burr up his rear and really shut down all gambling in Galveston. After that, it just drifted along, with occasional entertainment, and the food was mediocre. I'm not in favor of mob run gambling, but no one broke their laws and Galveston really rocked. Now, except for Dickens on the Strand, it's pretty sterile and just plain boring except for history lovers like me. Quit tearing down the old mansions.

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