Pauline Higgins's Metro Defamation Lawsuit Settled Today, Finally

Pauline Higgins is finally at peace with Metro.
​Two years ago to the day, attorney Pauline Higgins was fired from Metro's legal department. Metro, under Frank Wilson,  publicly gave reasons for her dismissal: Higgins was a bad boss, hired her friends and used company resources to plan a golf tournament, the agency said. Higgins sued for wrongful termination and defamation.

Today, "the new Metro" has apologized for the old, something it's doing a lot these days to prove it's no longer evil. In a Metro press release, CEO George Greanias said, "The new
Metro regrets and disapproves of the inaccurate statements made about
Ms. Higgins in the media regarding her departure from METRO." That, plus a reimbursement of Higgins's approximate $100,000 in attorneys' fees, and a settlement was reached.

"All I have ever wanted is for Metro to admit that their actions against
me were wrong," Higgins said at a press conference she held this
afternoon. "I applaud Metro for doing so."

Rusty Hardin, Higgins's attorney, also credited the new Metro for bringing the litigation to a "satisfactory conclusion."

asked what lessons should be learned from the situation, Hardin had a
quick answer: "Don't hire Frank Wilson to head your Metro."

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Hmm. I dont see the words "sorry" or "apology" in the statement Metro agreed to make. So Hardin didn't even have enough of a case to get that. And Metro wasn't specific about what was inaccurate, were they? Maybe there was a misspelling, or she wasn't a "bad" boss, she was a "very bad" boss.


I call BS on her "just wanted an apology" statement. She wanted money but Hardin realized he had a loser of a case and made her settle so she at least didn't lose money. Sure Frank Wilson was a bozo who made terrible decisions. I totally agree. One of those decisions was to hire Higgins as GC. Doesn't that say enough?

big red
big red

With all of the costs that Frank Wilson was responsible for - i.e. writing off $168 million in lost causes - and now this, surely Metro can sue his ass and disavow his termination settlement. That son of a bitch belongs in prison.


No, the new Metro just regrets and disapproves - nothing at all like "sorry" or "apology"

Ted Stickles
Ted Stickles

I call BS on you, JJ. She doesn't need money at all. I mean, really, look at what you typed. Rusty Hardin, want to settle? Please.


No joke. Are they pursuing anything against him...

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