Obama Mural Defaced; Political Statement or the Work of a Hipster Wannabe?

Photo by Monica Fuentes
Splash town: A statement of artistic or political principles?
Since 2008, commuters coming off the Southwest Freeway have been met by a large mural version of Shepard Fairey's "Hope" poster of Barack Obama.

It adorns a shop, across the street from the Breakfast Klub, that served as the Obama campaign's Houston headquarters.

For at least the second time since going up, it's been defaced.

In 2009 someone scrawled the word "puppet" on it; this time it looks like less of an effort was made, and cans of paint were simply splashed onto the image.

Or is it actually an artistic statement rather than a political one? In 2007 someone went around defacing artworks by Fairey and others in New York; the perpetrator briefly became a hipster phenomenon, one that was examined by our own Troy Schulze in a DiverseWorks production.

Schulze's critical eye notes that the splatterer took pains to use different colors, and the result is far closer to the semi-famed Splasher's work than just a random defacing.

"Looks identical," he says. "As identical as a paint splatter on a Shepard Fairey image can look."

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Lets be for real! People know why the mural was defaced. It was a cowardice act by someone unjustifibly who blames Mr. Obama for the current economic mess we are in. Nevermind the fact that on 9.10.00 Donald Rumsfeld went on national television and announced that 3 trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon and no one knew where it was.


Someones desperate for attention. Chances are they are drinking pbr and smoking clove cigarettes, all while thinking they are fighting "the man."


Being a defacer is bad...


We are not North Korea. No need for murals dedicated to the sitting President in office no matter who he is.

I'm not Dr. Fuchs, but have other sitting Presidents had creepy cult of personality art?

I'm curious.


I support defacement of war criminal art, now let's argue about politics.

Jamal Jeremiah
Jamal Jeremiah

This was the work of a painter who uses only yellow and blue but happens to get really horny when he works.

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