Miranda Phillips: Poses As Medical Pro in Attempt to Score Purple Drank

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Miranda Phillips: Not a trained medical professional
Although Miranda Phillips claimed to be working for a doctor in Livingston, employees at the Lufkin Walmart's pharmacy thought something was fishy about her phoned-in request for a prescription last December.

She told the pharmacist that she wanted a certain quantity of codeine / promethazine, a narcotic cough syrup known on the street as lean, or purple drank, and according to an arrest report quoted by TV station KTRE, the 28-year-old apparently used an improper procedure in asking for it.

We're only speculating here, but we're envisioning her saying things like "Yeah, this is Nurse, um, Nurse Trilla from L-Town. [Snickers] I gotta patient who needs to grip n' sip. What? What do you mean, procedures, bitch? You're gonna get me that damn sizzurp, stat, motherfucker, or I'ma beat your Walmart ass," all while the latest screwed-down Z-Ro remix rumbles in the background...

So yeah, Phillips's ploy failed. Police took her into custody when she arrived to pick up her stash.

On Monday, she was sentenced in Angelina County District Court to a total of 12 years behind bars -- a year in county jail for the attempted codeine fraud and 12 years in prison for a bond revocation, not to mention a ten-year sentence for two unrelated theft cases. (All of the sentences are to run concurrently.)

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Mr. John Lomax

Wow, although I don't applaud Miranda's criminal behavior, it should be brought to light, the tone of your speculation and perhaps you would excuse it as sarcasm/jokes, is totally racist and chalked-full of stereotypes linked on your perception of how "you think she would speak. And you figured this out based on what?… wait for it…HER PICTURE? Since you’re into speculation, I suppose, if you didn’t have a photo of her, you probably would’ve of found it news worthy especially given people from all walks of life and races commit healthcare fraud all over the world. I'm surprised, you even mentioned her by name, while you were at it, the only thing left for you to ad, was "you people." to give it a lil' more racist flare. Anyway, thank you for sharing and now that I’ve seen your face, at least I know what a damn racist looks like when I see one.


Again I'm outraged that someone whom appears to be so highly intelligent could stray so far from the MENSA circles. She was probably trying to get some relief for babies Daddy so he could go back to his job Ho chasin


She's 28. And you think there is ANY chance that she doesn't have a half dozen babies already?

What world are you living in?


wawawawawawa Gument cheese line to your left sir, no sir you other left ...

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