Metro Bids Adieu to the Intermodal "Kiss & Ride" Terminal

Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects
No longer needed
In yet another ritual cleansing of the Frank Wilson Era, Metro CEO George Greanias tells the Houston Chronicle that the agency is writing off $168 million in useless expenses racked up by the previous administration.

Some of that comes from the Buy America debacle, other funds are due to plans that have to be redone, but -- for us -- the most brutal ax has fallen on the glorious North Intermodal Station/Shopping Center/Taj Mahal.

Swamplot has tracked down an architect's rendering of the project, which was planned for the north end of downtown. About $41 million has been spent on the project, and it's all down a black hole.

"We're not going to put the public's money into monuments. We're going to put it into transit services," Greanias told the Chron.

He said maintenance on the facility would be too expensive. was going to rejuvenate the north end of downtown! There were going to be "Kiss & Ride" lanes!!

Now, alas, there will be nothing. Except futuristic drawings.

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They already tore down a huge warehouse and have been doing a lot of site work. This is such a disappointment.

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