Shawn Roberts: Lawyer Threatens Us, Then Tries to Bum a Ride

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Shawn Roberts
When we first reached out to interview Shawn Roberts, the subject of this week's cover story, it was through the lawyer who represented him in a felony drug case related to the 2007 death of his girlfriend. After three years, during which time crucial evidence went missing and three other people close to Roberts died, Harris County prosecutors were taking him to trial.

His awyer, Mark Bennett, later told us that Roberts just wanted to put the trial behind him (he was acquitted) and move on.

But as more sources leveled more allegations, we wanted to hear a "no comment" directly from Roberts, if that was indeed his decision.

After we contacted him on Facebook, he chastised us for going through
Bennett and gave us the impression that he didn't know we had wanted to
interview him in the first place. When we asked Bennett if he even told
Roberts, the former gave us an absolutely baffling response: He cited
attorney-client privilege, saying he couldn't tell us what he may or may
not have imparted to Roberts.

That's when Roberts told us, via Facebook, "if that article runs in
its current form I can assure you your employers and owners will be
upset bc I assure you The Houston Press will be in litigation. While I
can't practice law, at least for a year...I have many friends who do.
All of who are some of the best in the State [sic]." (He also explained
that he was considering suits against other media for "irresponsible
works of journalism." This was followed by a message stating "Btw, I
really like The Press, you have the perfect audience for this story. A
story of injustices, oppression, retaliation. Broaden your horizons. An
expose. I am a gold mine of information. You have the courage to print
what I tell you, and I'll make you famous [sic]." 

We never got the "story of injustices, oppression, retaliation." But
we did get a look of utter surprise and disappointment when we told
Roberts that, no, we wouldn't buy him lunch.

We cut that interview short, because Roberts would only speak off the
record, meaning we couldn't print anything he told us. As we walked
out, Roberts asked us for a ride home. It was astonishingly sad. Roberts
once drove fancy cars and wore expensive suits. Now he seemed to have

But in January 2012, Roberts can start practicing law again, and
those accused of crimes can once again put their futures in his
hands. He has the chance to rebuild a once-promising
career. Unlike his former girlfriend, his mother, his old rehab
acquaintance and his wife, all cold in the ground, he has the chance to
start over.

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NO there IS NOT and WAS NOT any such evidence. I can't help the fact that certain individuals cannot read or interpret a report, be it autopsy or other. The ME testified at the trial. No pics were introduced and there was testimony that Tara had NO blood coming from her head, there were no signs of struggle, nothing under her fingernails, and none, I repeat not a single shred of testimony or evidence that Tara had been struck, abused, nothing bc I never hit her no matter how many times she hit or scratched me(which she did several times) which was a first for me regarding relationships yet I never retaliated and to this day have never struck a woman with a fist or open hand. All I have ever done when attacked was to protect myself by leaving or restraining her from striking me. I challenge anyone I have ever dated or any of their friends that they may have confided in or had an opportunity to witness anything remotely re violence to come forward with any allegations of physical abuse or violence. Period. All this made up bullshit makes me sick. I have always said that men who abuse women are cowards and I have no friends that beat women. The implication that Tara was bruised or battered or bleeding is complete slander. They are lies, malicious outright devious misrepresentations, put forth for one reason. To attack my character and hurt me and my family. I have a daughter that is old enough to understand the implications, a profession that is damaged extremely by these false allegations, because the bigger the lie, the easier to believe. This whole article and subsequent pieces are veiled and implied lies constructed in such a way to make me look like an abuser, a violent person, and plants the seeds that I am a murderer, a scumbag, with amazing, almost supernatural powers to control the police, the DA's, that I collect guns and knives,( I do not own a single one) that somehow I had something to do with my mothers suicide, although my love and our bond was incredibly unique, that I somehow had a hand in my wife's death regardless of the fact that we never fought except for issues re her drug use ( I was the one who sent her to rehab). I was the only relationship she had where she was not physically abused and had no reason to wish her harm. I loved her as a life partner and NEVER laid a hand on her. No one can say otherwise. As for my supposed "roomate", after reading this slanderous bs, (he had only stayed at our house for 2 nights and was told he HAD to leave the next morning and go home to his daughters birthday or find another place to stay because he was adversely effecting Amanda with his drinking and had been kicked out of his own home for passing out naked in his yard and garage, respectively, in front of his 3 daughters. Obviously he needed help and was advised to check in rehab by his wife, friends, and by me. Yet Malislow implies that I had something to do with all their tragedies. He even suggests that "Jennie" was moved out of state for her safety, that somehow while incarcerated I posed a threat. Yet she consistently came to visit, wrote letters, and put $ on my commissary. She testified truthfully at the bond hearing that she had never seen me inject my wife or shoot up personally. She also testified that she never witnessed anyone injecting drugs at her home. Her testimony re my drug usage was that she "guessed" I was taking pills because "everyone was"..Why in the world would I want harm to come to any of the people Malislow implies and states that they all had one thing in common-me. Obviously law enforcement did thorough investigations considering how publicized it was that the Texas Rangers were involved, yet not a single person involved with the tragedies working for law enforcement has ever mentioned or found one thing vital to a supposed murderer-INTENT. Because you can't find what doesn't exist. And one thing is crystal clear. I loved all of them, wished ill will on none of them, and never acted in a violent manner towards anyone that Malislow and Tara's lying, drug supplying, thieving family mentioned. In conclusion, I want this trash removed from the internet, for Tara's mother, sister, friends, etc. to face up to reality. To admit trashing destroying my diplomas, law license, to stealing all my belongings out of storage and furniture from our apartment. That they threatened me and my mother. The fact her mother has used this situation to compensate for her guilt in not being around while we were dating, that for some sick reason she wants this media attention. But Sharon Russell aka Sharon Sganga, aka, Sharon Contino, aka cocktail waitress at certain clubs, IDK how many names she has used... sat though the entire trial, knows there was no testimony re physical abuse or altercation, is in denial re her beloved son Johnny Contino's contribution of cocaine to Tara behind my back, knows she almost died before of an overdose by abusing roofies or other benzos like xanax, battled depression, knows I had put almost $8,000 in Tara's account shortly before her passing, knows Tara and Maha broke in my storage, took a $5000 persian rug and a framed Ronnie Lott jersey, storing it at Jackson's (she felt guilty and confessed she had done it bc she was jealous and afraid i would leave her) that she was in my storage with my law desk, all my files, all my memorabilia, 2 persian rugs worth over $10,000, my leather couches, my coffee and end tables, my table and chairs, my computers, my flatscreen, my suits (over $60,000) worth, my other clothes, all my personal effects including my bible, all my photos, my framed Flag, framed Elway jersey, lifetime NACDL crystal, several other Waterford crystals given to me by my mother, all furniture from my law office, all my book keeping, client accounts, files, motions, 15 years worth of accumulated books and guides re the profession of law and many many crucial documents related to my practice. Further she knows that I was purposefully kept out of the loop re her funeral, that either she, Johnny, or Marie had,, or still have or destroyed or sold all the aforementioned belongings. I am tired of holding my tongue, trying to treat them with respect while lies and misrepresentations are constantly spewed from their mouths. I have tried to take the high road and look where its gotten me. Manufactured and bullshit charges being filed knowing there was no chance of a conviction but taking satisfaction in destroying my name, keeping me incarcerated with a no bond for almost six months while the case (over three years old then ) kept getting reset and reset. There is an old saying in the legal community. "You can beat the rap, but you cannot beat the ride". That is exactly what happened to me. Everything was front page news or on tv until I was found not guilty. Then there was no tv coverage, no chance to tell my side of the story, a newspaper article much smaller announcing the acquittal on page 2-3, and no requests for interviews afterwards. Then they find this pathetic journalist who buys into their delusions, or doesn't care and sees an opportunity for a sensationalized article, not giving a damn what the truth is, not using any diligence pursuing the truth, hardly uses any of the interview I granted and refused to listen to any other issues, consistently and with malice makes up a story replete with insidious insinuations, outright lies and misrepresentations, apologizes for several errors in the first paragraphs and prints a correction no one sees(while making even more errors during the supposed correction), I was born in 1969, not married, continues defamation in a recent blog trying to connect knives, blood, (which after reading results in people envisioning an apartment strewn with so much blood it was written to portay a war zone a crazed , bloodthirsty killer on a rampage), yet she died of drowning with hardly a blemish on her body, that the State lost evidence crucial to the case which never existed or had anything to do with the case or cases which the DA got forced into trying because of her running to the media, and after soundly being defeated in the manufactured and "novel and unusual" cases which were brought against me. Then she blames the DA, who actually did a good job prosecuting the case, despite the fact that had it not been for the circumstances would never have seen the inside of a courtroom and if it had should have been brought against the actual drug dealers in the case, her brother( former client) and the State's key witness also a former client, but no one ever asked me my version as it pertained to those two. Their records speak for themselves. Why they decided to focus all their energies on publicly and privately prosecuting me, using every possible opportunity to get her mug on TV, denouncing me when all she need have done is ask her son what happened in the days preceding and asking him if I in fact did run off some of his friends for being bad influences. But her most despicable acts, besides the threats, is the cleansing, looting of the storage not a day or 2 after her daughters death, the theft and destruction of my personal and private property which I will pursue charges now if I am able because I have, until this point in time, refused to engage and/or tell the truth because I know Tara wouldn't want her mom's assorted history and actions, or her brothers, or possibly her sisters actions to be revealed. However, I have reached my breaking point and can no longer sit idly by, exercising forgiveness and silence while I am lied about, have had to deal with a malicious reporter with no desire for the truth, only sensational allegations filling in the blanks with speculation, printing spoon fed morsels of dark lies and spinning them for the public, portraying me as a villain parlaying his malice into the 5th most popular, rather notorious, article of the year in our fair city. In conclusion, I want my personal property back, including my 2 laptops she is suing the city for, my platinum and diamond cross that Tara had along with my furniture, my money, my clothing, my Range Rover, my flat screens, my photos,my rugs, and everything my law office contained that her mother stole out of our storage. Further I want Mr. Malislow held accountable and this story withdrawn from the internet. While I can never recoup in money the damages caused by the author and his publication in printing a story so full of supposition, out right lies, malice, and personal, private, public, and professional harm, I will pursue it from this point forward. Should law enforcement care to hear the truth re what happened to Tara, and follow the information up with indictments and prosecution, I will testify truthfully against all of them, even though I know that's not what Tara would have wanted. However, if her family cannot act like she would have asked them to act had she had an opportunity to do so, like maybe she did after almost dying in the hospital from abuse of a certain drug her brother told me about years before I knew her, if her friend Maha can make statements on the record re me and her feelings while coming over all the time to partake with Tara, if no one interviewed can tell the truth that Tara was not withdrawn, but rather had people over almost daily and certainly all weekend every weekend, if her mom cannot be upfront re her one visit during "this time of terrible transformation", which of course was caused by me and only me, then I must set the record straight and do what she urged of me. Don't waste any time going forward while not forgetting I am a "badass", using my gifts to set the record straight once and for all.RIP Tara, you know the truth, and know the love given you by my mother, myself, my brother, my grandparents and the rest of my family. I wish you could have stayed around and experienced more of the love my family gave to you with out stretched arms, unconditional and without judgement of you or your family

Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett

Mr. Malisow,

That Texas's rules of lawyer-client privilege barring a lawyer from sharing with you what he's told his client are "baffling" to you doesn't speak highly for your knowledge of your subject matter.

Mark Bennett


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guess you better watch out for this character. (manslaughter) Weren't the mother's warned? Did the District Attorney's office REALLY investigatethe way they should have, did the police investigate the way they should have or didTHEY blow it off like it was just one more druggie off the street? Well, HE isn't, Andpeople just kept dying. This is nauseating and makes you wonder Just what kind ofJustice system we have. Thank goodness for Craig Malisow Surely there is someone out there that KNOWS how to investigate, Johnny Bondsknew how and was doing great until he got so sick and had to retire. He cared.......


that a boy sean, these dumbass librels dont know shit

Chelsea Stormes
Chelsea Stormes


I bet it were your family who was killed by Shawn Roberts he would not be living in the free world.

Emily J. Hurst
Emily J. Hurst

oh great. Thanks Brazoria County for everything.

Pam Pammie Brown
Pam Pammie Brown

dont u got to go defend some other loser.. get back to work... & u r not doing a good job...


Sure it did Mark Bennett, you are no better off than Roberts. And the truth can't come out ofhis mouth, never did and never will. Obviously he needs money or he wouldn't have calledCraig Malisow. If there is something in it for him, it doesn't matter who, what or wherehe uses. You are no more dignified than Robert, IF you are dignified you would not have responded.

Pam Pammie Brown
Pam Pammie Brown

yeah u r sooo right... they probably see drugs & just write it off.. but if it was some one in there family.. i bet they would have turned the apt. upside down, even Houston trying to get that loser off the streets...


How could he, defending drug addict's and criminal's of all kind just like Shawn Roberts.They wouldn't see the light of day if I had been asked to investagate. Turns my stomach,and you mother's should keep on. Haunt the hell out SR. I just know their is alot more thanwhat was found, and the DA's office should have done a better job.

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