Joshua Lee Joehlin: Porter Man's Religion Is "Redneck"

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Smoking Gun
A man's gotta have a code
Joshua Lee Joehlin, of the Montgomery County town of Porter, got himself arrested in Florida recently, the Smoking Gun reports.

As the above form shows, the local cops asked him his religion and he answered forthrightly: "Redneck."

Joshua Lee Joehlin, seeker of truth
What might be the obscure tenets of this religion?

Instead of bread and wine, we're sure the main religious rite involves Bud and pork rinds. As with Festivus, there are Feats of Strength, but in this case each is preceded by someone first saying "Hold my beer."

There may be other beliefs that we don't know about: Joehlin was picked up, Smoking Gun reports, for "a felony charge of engaging in a lewd and lascivious act with a minor."

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Tom Mabe
Tom Mabe

Why is that box there in the first place?


It has to do with bear-e-el (sic) rites. Like for a redneck he needs his confederate flag his coon hound and cut off parking meeter in the casket with him. OH lets not forget his copy of Hitlers book

Big Tex
Big Tex

Hitler? Oh to be so naive...SIGH


OK! Big TexI know where the term Redneck originates from. A bunch of coalminers tried to march on the coal company and about 50 lost their lives. They wore red bandannas hence red neckThey cant or wont read anyway (dead people) so what difference what book title or author i used?It was meant to be sarcastic and maybe a little bit humorous but definitely not funny

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