Icy Rain: All of the Hassle, None of the Fun

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Oy, Snopocalypse 2011 turned into the worst of all scenarios: an ice storm, with no picturesque snow. Sorry, kids.

Some areas are getting a little dusting of the white stuff, but most of us are looking outside at nothing much...except very dangerous ice.

You should still think very hard before getting on the roads, no matter what it looks like outside the window. Highways are icy, and some, like the Westpark Tollway and other tollroads, are partially closed. Metro's Park & Ride won't start until 8 a.m. if then. Update: No Park & Ride service at all today.

There have been about 200 accidents today, the Houston Fire Department reports.

It will be better by noon, say the weatherpeople (who got all the snow predictions wrong), but will refreeze tonight.

So stay off the roads for now.

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