Harris County Prosecutor Goes on Today Show to Talk Sex Trafficking

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A sign that won't be seen at the Super Bowl
Human trafficking is a major problem in Texas, which is why Linda Geffin, chief of the Harris County Attorney's Special Prosecution Unit, will be giving people the 411 on The Today Show Thursday.

"Houston serves as a destination for victims of trafficking forced into commercial sex, as well [as] a training ground where women and girls are shipped to other destinations throughout the U.S.," Geffin told Hair Balls in an e-mail. She added that 30 percent of calls to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline come from Texas -- "and a majority of them came from Houston." Moreover, according to Geffin, human trafficking is a $28 billion industry. (Geffin also spoke about human trafficking for a 2010 Texas Monthly piece).

The Special Prosecution Unit, which sounds like it oughta be part of
the Law & Order franchise, deals with gambling, dogfighting,
prostitution and, in what's probably a bummer for a certain portion of
the population, prosecutes sexually oriented business violations.

We've seen Geffin in action in the courtroom, so we look forward to
seeing her address a nationwide audience. Trafficking is a serious
problem, and we're glad a local prosecutor is getting a chance to
explain just how bad things are, and, more importantly, what law
enforcement in Texas is doing about it.

Texas is also in the sex-trafficking spotlight because of this week's Super Bowl, which is expected to draw lots of sex workers looking to make Steeler and Packer fans happy.

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