HPD Officer Shot in North Side Gunfight

Categories: Crime

A whole lot of police cars, sirens blaring, ripped through downtown a few minutes ago, apparently headed to the Medical Center, where a fellow officer was taken after being shot by an alleged drug dealer.

Details are still coming in on all this, but media reports indicate at the moment that a narcotics officer was attempting to serve a warrant at a house near Buckboard and Imperial Valley when he was shot.

One of the suspects was shot as well, and two people have been arrested.

The incident happened about an hour ago; no word yet on the officer's identity or condition.

Update: The latest Tweetage indicates the office will recover fully; he was shot in the arm.


drugs, HPD

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Big Tex
Big Tex

They're just here to work, oh, and deal drugs and shoot cops.

I gotta tellya
I gotta tellya

From the looks of the pants one of the arrested was wearing that should be a felony right there.The officer is going to be fine, thanks God for watching over those that watch over us.


They could at least tell us where he was shot.

Tom Mabe
Tom Mabe

They finally let us know it was twice in the arm and once in the hip. Glad to hear it wasn't more serious.

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