HISD Accused of Spurning HCC in Favor of Lone Star College

Has HISD found somebody new?
State Senator Mario Gallegos has a new beef with the Houston school district -- he says HISD is stiffing Houston Community College in favor of Lone Star College.

Gallegos wrote to HISD superintendent Terry Grier saying the district's "been extraordinarily indifferent in continuing a strong partnership" with HCC. He accuses Grier of "blatantly misrepresent[ing]" to the HISD board that only Lone Star is able to or interested in partnering with the district on proposed new academies where students can earn college credit.

"I have spoken to HCC's Chancellor and several of its Board members, and they have told me that they were never approached by HISD regarding your purported 'new program' which has in fact been in existence for years through our partnership with HCC," he wrote.

HISD spokesman Jason Spencer says the district did have talks with HCC.

"HISD has been in communication with HCC regarding the school district's plans to offer more challenging courses, including the creation of five-year programs that offer students a chance to earn associate's degrees in particular fields, such as medical technology, in high school," he tells Hair Balls. "HISD has also discussed this possibility with the Lone Star Community College System."

Grier mentioned the partnership with Lone Star in his recent State of the Schools speech.

The HCC board hasn't been the smoothest-functioning entity on the local scene, and some members have complained about chancellor Mary Spangler's communication skills, for what it's worth.

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Tony DeAngelo
Tony DeAngelo

Thank God Mario Gallegos is keeping tabs on what has become a runaway train - spending profligately and allowing a failed superintendent to use the children, parents, and staff in the HISD community as his guinea pigs with no tangible results. HISD's board as individuals all have noteworthy qualifications. As a group, the Lanier debate team would beat them every time. Not the most trust-worthy group either.www.houstonisdwatch.com


What is Lone Star?Sorry, you kinda left that out, and my googling limit has expired for tonite.


Two thoughts:1. HCC is acting like a woman who wasn't interested in Terry Grier's advances until he moved on to another woman (Lone Star).2. Lone Star is way prettier and classier than HCC, which is governed by a bunch of clowns who are solely interested in self promotion and self dealing.

OK, three thoughts.3. Mario Gallegos is behaving in a petty manner that is far beneath a state senator. His irrational hatred of Terry Grier is based on nothing but Grier's unwillingness to put the teachers union's agenda ahead of kids. Grier isn't perfect, but at least his motives seem pure.

big red
big red

Mario needs to quit drinking (again) and realize that he is not in charge of HISD. He has always fancied himself an education expert - despite his lack of real academic credentials - and basically he seems to have nothing better to do than try to stir up shit with HISD.

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