Go Texan Day Pictures: The Educators

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Elizabeth Shaw
Parker Elementary Principal Drew Houlihan says howdy
Don't forget to send your Go Texan Day pictures to the Houston Press Flickr page, where glory awaits.

Meanwhile, we have two entries from the Educators category. Above, Drew Houlihan -- the principal at Parker Elementary, HISD's music magnet and piece of Beyoncé history -- sets the bar very high for his competitors. A hat, sure. A cowboy wave, yeah. A horse?

Ball's in your court, other principals, teachers and educators.

Next is a more well-known member of this category....

Renu Khator
UH President Renu Khator, sans horse
UH President Renu Khator rides a desk instead of a horse, but she also misses a key opportunity.

"Showing my Texan pride," she wrote on her Twitter page. "I must say boots are lot more comfortable than high heels!"

Dude: The only proper photo in that case is you leaning back, your boot-clad feet crossed casually on the desk. Work it!!

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No, you're clearly a model of self restraint.

Gaff in a head act
Gaff in a head act

We are supposed to Khator's word that she is wearing boots?? I would say it must be loathsome for an Indian to suddenly switch teams and become a cowgirl, but I would never be un-PC!

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