Epic Houston Snowstorms: Five Terrifying Videos of Armageddon Through the Years

The forecasters have issued their grim decrees: Houston will get smothered Friday by a massive snow storm. Accumulations of over an inch are possible, if your mind can wrap itself around the idea of such carnage.

Houston, of course, is well familiar with such snowstorms. YouTube provides the evidence of five natural disasters.

1. 2008: "This is Houston, Texas"
The awe-inspiring footage here begins as so many videos of Houston blizzards do, with the following description of the heavy precipitation: "I don't know if the camera can see it...."

4. 1973, the Bunker Hill area
Try to turn your eyes away from this devastation, as more than one-eighth of an inch of snow lands on the poverty-stricken homes of Bunker Hill. Actually, don't turn your eyes away, because the home-movie footage is silent.

Oh, youngster pictured next to the snowman, if somehow you survived this raging blizzard, please let us know.

3. 2009: Seven minutes of hell
Can you make it through all seven minutes of this frightening footage? We know we couldn't. Maybe it was the long discussion of the plants in the garage that did us in.

2. 2008, minimalist-style
This, on the other hand, lasts all of eight seconds. Incredibly enough, it uses much of those eight seconds panning over to the snow.

1. 1989: Desolation in normally bustling Alief
"I'm at a shopping center in Alief, where normally on this Friday afternoon before Christmas this place would be busy with shoppers and people having a bite out to eat here." Alief: The city that never sleeps. Be sure to stick around for the 1:50 mark, where they show us views of the Loop, "where we have seen the traffic get worse and worse by the minute," as a perfectly clear road is shown.


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that 1973 "storm" was the day i was brought home from the hospital (after being born). my mom reminds everyone EVERY birthday...


While he was annoying, the guy in video #3 had a great smoker. Box AND barrel. Sweet.


Yes this is Houstons forecasters, the propensity for the hyperbole is rampant. Get the sheeple scurrying to the stores STOCK UP THE END IS NEAR good god. REPENT REPENT


This is hysterical! I will never forget moving here in February, 1973 (7 years old) from Dallas and watching Houstonians dancing in their yards at what had to be less than an inch of snow. We thought we'd moved to an outdoor insane asylum (but after nearly 40 great years, I wouldn't live anywhere else)

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