Auto Theft: Ten Best Houston Neighborhoods to Get Your Ride Stolen

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Houston can be a tough place to live without a car.

So getting it stolen is a real bummer. And here are the ten places where it's most likely to happen. We're not saying you need to avoid them, just be careful.

The stats are from December, and as always, HPD cautions against comparing raw beat statistics. And the numbers shouldn't be used to impugn entire neighborhoods -- sometimes perfectly fine locations can have numbers skewed by one small part of it.

With that in mind, the ten neighborhoods you're most likely to get your car stolen:

10. Beat 5F40 -- The Willowbrook Mall and environs. Eighteen auto thefts in December.

9 Beat 9C40 -- Greens Bayou Estates. Twenty-two thefts.

8. Beat 11 H10 -- Mason Park on the east side. Also 22.

7. Beat 13D20 -- Glenbrook Valley and the areas around it. Twenty-two again.

6. Beat 13D10 -- Gulfgate Mall and the area around it. The lucky number remains 22.

5. Beat 7C20 -- Kashmere Gardens. They got hit 23 times.

4. Beat 6B10 -- York Plaza, which had 24 incidents.

3. Beat 17E10 -- Southwest Memorial Hospital and Burnett Bayland Park -- 24 incidents.

2. Beat 3B50 -- Northline Mall and neighborhood had 25 auto thefts.

1. Beat 12D10 -- And the "winner" is Almeda Mall and the area around it, which saw 31 auto thefts in December.

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Richard, just a reminder that Glenbrook Valley is a specific neighborhood with specific boundaries. The statement "Glenbrook Valley and the areas around it" is misleading. "The areas around Glenbrook Valley" would have been a much more accurate statement. Of the 22 car thefts in December, only ONE was IN Glenbrook Valley. That would be the one in the 7800 block of Pecan Villas. The balance were NOT in Glenbrook Valley. The areas AROUND Glenbrook Valley have the issue, not Glenbrook Valley itself.

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