Airport Full Body Scanners: Austin GOP Takes a Bold Stand Against Them

Rosemary Edwards is appalled
If you're a Republican living in Travis County, modesty comes naturally. We just never knew it extended to body issues.

Apparently plagued by self-doubt about having their nekkid bodies ogled by airport staffers, the Travis County Republican Party, such as it is, has boldly come out against installing full body scanners at Austin's Bergstrom International Airport.

"These scanners are a very personal invasion of privacy, exposing anatomically detailed images of airline passengers to strangers," Rosemary Edwards, chair of the group, said. "These graphic scans and the intimate physical searches which are offered as the only alternative, are completely inappropriate and a violation of our Constitutionally protected right to privacy."

Sounds sexy: Exposing "anatomically detailed images" that are "graphic" and "intimate."

The organization is asking the city council to oppose any effort by the federal Transportation Security Administration to put the scanners in at the airport.

"Austin should consider following the lead of Orlando and take control of airport security away from the TSA and put it in the hands of private security who will be accountable to the public, but at the very least the City Council should protect the rights and safety of citizens by preventing the installation of these scanners at the airport," the group says.

They apparently did not take a stand on Hippie Hollow.

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Way to go, Austin! But don't be fooled by the scam of "privatization." Airports whether staffed by the TSA's goons or private ones are still under the TSA's thumb: private screeners MUST follow all TSA decrees, including ogling and groping. The real answer is abolition of the TSA and empowering the airlines to protect their customers and billion-dollar inventory, just as other industries do. Meantime, yes, outlaw the TSA's sexual assault w/in your city's limits.

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