Timothy Rosales: DPS Ups the Ante on Finding Escaped Sex Offender

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Timothy Rosales: Your chance to cash in
The Department of Public Safety is upping by 50 percent the reward for helping to find the sex offender who escaped from a Houston halfway house.

Information on Timothy Rosales will now be worth $7,500. DPS spokeswoman Tela Mange says investigators are concentrating on the Denton and Amarillo areas, where Rosales has family ties.

He broke off his monitoring bracelet and left the Ben Reid halfway house earlier this week. As we've noted before, the company that runs the halfway house and other private facilities, GEO, has a history of abuse and bad conditions that haven't kept it from continuing to get government contracts.

"Rosales, 39, is considered armed and dangerous and was originally convicted of two aggravated sexual assaults in Potter County in 1987," DPS says. "He is now wanted on a felony charge of violating civil commitment, and a parole violation charge. Anyone assisting the fugitive could also face charges."

Here's his poster as one of the state's Most Wanted Fugitives.

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Alot of these inmtes do desreve to rot in hell but there maybe a hand full of them that should be treated like humans and not animals. If that halfway house is in poor conditions and abuse is being reported why do us, the tax payers, have to be punished aswell. By punished,I mean they escape and they end up hurting the public, they get in trouble and once again we, the tax payers, have to pay the court cost, lawyers, food, and housing. The State of Texas has one of the hardest laws on the inmates but the public takes blame aswell.  The inmates should be treated how they deserve, if they are in a halfway house you would think they are there because they are being good and on their way home. they should be allowed to have a little more freedom to see their ability to adapt to society. If they can not adapt to the free world then they should get sent back to prison or try to get psychological help, we already pay for food and housing, why not to help them get mental help too. Maybe that will help these inmates to look forward to life in the free world. The ones that are  not saveable, send them to war!!!!!! Maybe I am wrong for saying that but I think it would only be fair.

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