This Is the World's Greatest Swindler (Walmart Div.)

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Crime Stoppers
This is one talented guy, Crime Stoppers says
This livin'-large guy to the right is The World's Greatest Swindler, as far as guys who hustle Walmart cashiers go, if Crime Stoppers is to be believed.

The dude goes around to various stores, finds a young cashier, buys a magazine with a $100 bill and then somehow bamboozles or distracts the kid and walks away with -- in one specific case -- 1,400 freaking dollars.

That is some serious bamboozling.

"I don't know how he's doing it, like putting the money in his pocket and then telling the cashier, 'You didn't give me enough,' but he just swindles them," Crime Stoppers' Sandra Rodriguez tells Hair Balls.

One transaction caught on security cameras lasted ten full minutes. "The clerks just get confused," she says.

Maybe. But a guy buys a magazine or asks for change and ends up with $1,400 in extra cash from the transaction and no one notices until they count the till at the end of the shift? This guy is either a hypnotist or has more charm than George Clooney and Bill Clinton combined. He obviously isn't doing it on his looks.

Plus, Walmart cashiers have that much cash in their registers?

Anyway, the guy's been hitting stores on the south side -- Fairmont, El Dorado Boulevard, League City and Kemah -- Rodriguez says. He's gotten $3,000 so far.

He's believed to have begun targeting the southwest side, she says.

So all you young Walmart cashiers out there, try to arm yourself against the unstoppable.

Here's the car the guy drives, by the way:


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Where are they getting these cashiers from. and what kind of training do they receive?


Wow, Texans are fucking stupid to fall for this.


This only works if the cashier doesn't (1) place the bill tenderd on the drawer while she makes change (2) doesn't ask the customer to please not to distract her while s/he makes said change and instead acts a little too social and ergo seals his/her own fate and (3) (most importantly) Can't make change without a machine telling him/her what to give back. Years back, when I worked in convenient store, you could not have gotten a job as a cashier if you couldn't count change; and on my shift -- the graveyard shift --, a few idiots tried that sorry game. It never worked, because I knew how to count the change back without a machine telling me what was owed. Math works. Try it sometime.


So this is basically the Wal-Mart cashier version of Duck Season, Rabbit Season.

Chris D
Chris D

Oldest trick in the book...I worked at McDonalds as a kid and this guy tried that on me too...

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