Tamraka McGriff: Judge Says No More Tattoos for School Administrator

Tamraka McGriff's philosophy
Tamrake McGriff is the coordinator of transportation for the Beaumont school district and, apparently, she loves her skin art as much as she doesn't like her body. So much so, in fact, that a judge has barred her from getting any more tattoos or plastic surgery until she pays off some $15,000 in Social Security funds she scammed.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports that a judge set the condition yesterday as part of her probation for the misdemeanor charge of theft of public funds.

McGriff, the paper reported, accepted more than $15,000 in Social Security funds for her son even though she was not eligible for those benefits.

McGriff had enrolled her disabled son in a state-funded facility, but still continued to cash Social Security checks for home care.

In addition to community service and agreeing not to handle any public money, a federal judge ordered her not to get any more tattoos or plastic surgery until the $15,000 is repaid. Which seems to indicate she has gotten a lot of tats and nip/tucks in her time.

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0c Cortez
0c Cortez

when did theft become so large as to strip a person of one of there civil liberties? I wish some one would try to tell me not to get a tattoo, its my body im going to do whatever I want so long as it does not hurt anyone else.I thought we where a society of fair ,just, adults not children in saggy robes who stick to the claim you took from me so im going to take from you.Ahh no, how about restitution in the form of community service or better yet just charge them?


She has also been sentenced to community service, that's the punishment. The restitution is that she will pay back what she took. As a heavily tattooed person living in Beaumont I agree with the conditions set by the Judge. Tattoos and other body mods fall under the category of discretionary spending. There have been plenty of times I wanted a new tattoo, but if the funds weren't there my skin didn't get inked. I think the point is that these are logical parameters based on how she chooses to spend money. Rather than taking harsher actions, like garnishing her wages or placing a lien on her home they've identified her 'weaknesses' and are reducing the likelihood that she will waste time repaying the government. Kudos too, for the originality of the sentence.


I think the idea is to prevent her from needing to steal because she's spending all of her money on tattoos and piercings. You can disagree with the logic if you want, but that is the logic being used. If you steal from the government, you give the government to right to protext themselves from being stolen from again.

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