Super Bowl Day One -- Jim Rome (Sort of) Calls My Show

So this week, I'm covering my first Super Bowl. Radio Row. Sporting News Radio. Some national run. The whole deal. It's all very exciting, especially for someone like me who still doesn't entirely view what I do as "work."

I've been at this radio thing now for going on four years, and I have yet to have one day where I've told myself, "Damn, I sure wish I were selling telephone systems again." So while things like covering the Super Bowl are old hat for pretty much everyone around here, I'm still a little awestruck.

And here's the thing -- I can't act awestruck on Radio Row, because it would completely reveal my decidedly amateur status. (As if my raw, colloquial style is not already a dead giveaway.) Apparently, I sort of sound like I know what I'm doing. So my promise to you, the Hair Balls reader, is that you will get the unfiltered, making-this-shit-up-as-I-go, "starry-eyed first timer" view of the world here. Because that's much closer to the truth -- the truth being I can't believe I get to do this!

So I wanted my first blog post of the week to be about Radio Row. I'd always heard about it as a listener, and was curious exactly how the whole thing worked. Having spent a day here (right now I am typing this in the Media Lounge, complete with free Rice Krispies treats and pool tables), I realized that frankly I need more time to fully convey the vibe.

So that will come tomorrow. As the week goes on, I'll give you some Media Day thoughts, some observations on the stadium and, of course, ultimately a prediction on who wins the damn game.

For now, I tide you over with a phone call that was made to my show today from "Jim in SoCal," a.k.a. "Romey on a Mobile." If you need a bit of the backstory, then go read my 2010 Smack-Off running diary.

If you don't need the backstory, then I can guarantee you that you will at the very least be impressed with how authentic "Jim" is and likely will wind up laughing out loud several times.

That was not only tremendous, but also phenomenal, and perhaps even epic. Love that guy.

Good times in Big D! Lots more tomorrow from Radio Row.

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I will be your public publicist since you dont have one. Distance yourself from Rome. He is to sports talk what Will Smith is to hip hop. Irrelevant. Dr. Laura gets more pub than he does: http://siteanalytics.compete.c...... A new brand of radio is on the horizon and rts called Cablinasianity. The pulpit is 1560 the Game.

Now, on to the Superbowl. While Green Bay is a heavy favorite, you can't count out the Steeler defense, especially against the non-existent Green Bay running game. This will be, in my opinion, a defensive battle, which is why I am taking the over, but after long introspection, I am pulling for the Packers. I had a nasty vision that if the Steelers won, Spike Lee would somehow finagle his way into making a film about the Steelers and it would have Omar Epps in the starring role as Mike Tomlin. What is even worse is that the Fresh Kid Ice from 2 Live Crew would play Hines Ward, and we simply can't have this movie or the Steelers win. Go Pack, Go!!

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