Spark Energy: Houston Company's Plane Drowns Out Rick Perry's Inaugural Speech

Which way to the inauguration?
How not to get on Rick Perry's good side: Drown out part of his inaugural speech by flying your advertising plane way too low over the capitol.

Spark Energy of Houston is about to learn that hard fact, or, in the alternative, make a sizable donation to some Rick Perry/inaugural-based group.

The energy company flew a plane over the ceremonies today towing a sign that said "Spark Energy/God Bless Texas," but apparently the airspace rules for an Austin inaugural are not as tight as, say, for Washington, D.C. The noise from the propeller plane was loud enough that audience members complained (via Twitter, of course) that they could not hear Perry speak. (As if that's a bad thing.)

The company went into instant apology mode, also via Twitter.

Spark Energy apologizes 4 noise at this afternoon's Inauguration in TX. We R very excited to celebrate - perhaps too excited!

It also responded to tweets:

thanks for RTing that Chris! We are truly sorry about today's mishap!
very sorry we disturbed today's occasion! very very sorry!
the BEST of intentions! ugh! not at all what we expected!
ha! yes, we are legit! and apologetic!
"snafu" makes it sound a little better! we are going to use that!

You know, we think they're sorry for what happened.

Update: The company issued statement:

Our intention is to support the Governor's Inauguration and to celebrate Texas," said Keith Maxwell, President and CEO of Spark Energy. "As soon as we realized the disruption, we immediately stepped in to rectify it. We in no way want to deny those in attendance the opportunity to hear Governor Perry's vision for his third term in office. In fact, Spark Energy is one of the companies that has benefited from business-focused initiatives led by the Governor. We truly wish him the best in his upcoming term."

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Snafu means fucked up


It was horrible. There were veterans, seniors, children, all trying to hear the Governor's speech and some yahoo company drowned it out with a cheesy ad stunt. While you might not like Perry, it was disrespectful and spoiled the event for thousands.


One headline said Perry's speech sounded presidential. If Perry were to be elected to the White House, would he have the U.S. secede from Texas?


Hearing Rick Perry speak is like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher.

It's all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo nonsense.

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

I would like to invest in this company so that they may continue to drown out Gov. Goodhair wherever he is.

Gaspar Ramsey
Gaspar Ramsey

Quit drinking the Kool-Aid. He babbled nonsense designed for the ears of the unsophisticated simpletons who voted him in again. He hates education and abortion because ignorant "illegitimates" are his voter pool.


Hey Brittanie seriously look into it! My hubby works for them! GREAT company!

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