Sheyla Hershey Wants Her Giant Boobs Back

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The publicity-shy Sheyla Hershey
If there's one thing to say about Fox 26, it's that they have owned the story of Sheyla Hershey, the local woman who got breast implants the size of a microwave and then got them taken out for health reasons.

Latest update: She wants those puppies -- make it those Labradors -- back!!!

"I'm ready to get my breasts back and take my life back!" Hershey told the station.

Health reporter Melissa Wilson informed viewers: "After considering smaller implants, time has made Hershey realize how much she misses the larger ones. That is why she has opted to go back to her record-breaking size."

Wilson reported Hershey is trying to stretch her breast tissue to get it ready to take 3500 CCs of saline solution, which is only three and a half times the legal limit of saline injections in Texas.

And if Texas has a 1000-CC limit on saline breast implants, you gotta think tripling that is not a genius idea.

Hershey is also "working on her new career."

"I'm setting up a website. It's and I'm going to have my own store there; sell stuff and I'm writing a blog about beauty tips and show housewives how you can be pretty behind the counter top," she announced.

And to help out your back, ladies, lay down those breasts on the counter while you're behind it.

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I don't care what she dopes with her tits, so long as she quits making that duck face.

#pouty lips.

Max Winkleman
Max Winkleman

Sadly, I bet those are some ugly titties when the top comes off.

Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

Sheyla Hershey (now that's a tranvestite stage name if ever I heard one), is it really worth contributing to gridlock on the Internetz? Please abandon plans for your website. Thank you.

--the unadoring pubic, I mean public

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