Happy Birthday, Rush Limbaugh: Ten Great Moments to Remember Him By

Rush Limbaugh: A reasoned voice in a sea of shrill partisan rhetoric
Happy 60th birthday to the man who helped birth modern right-wing talk radio in the late '80s, and made the world safe for the dozens of like-minded and ratings-hungry guys who would follow in his footsteps, stomping on the face of liberal AM radio forever, or at least consistently beating them in the ratings.

Even if you hate Rush for all his bold-faced hypocrisy and glaring foul-ups, he is the grandaddy of the modern conservative movement, coming on the heels of Reagan fixing the Fairness Doctrine to his liking in the '80s. Rush has been on the forefront of it all, writing books and having his own syndicated television show, while Glenn Beck was just an FM morning zoo crew stud, Bill O'Reilly was freaking the fuck out about teleprompters on tabloid TV and Mark Levin was working dinner theaters in Vegas as a Groucho Marx impersonator.

You can catch Rush during the midday slot on 740 AM KTRH, the main course of the station's almost 24-hour right-wing buffet with Beck, Levin, Sean Hannity and Michael Berry.

Lately Rush has been coming under fire for claiming on his daily radio show that the Democratic Party is in support of Jared Loughner, the Arizona man who killed six people and shot 14 others during an appearance by Arizona Democratic representative Gabrielle Giffords. He claims they are trying to make Loughner a victim in the event, a product of his harsh environment, and not the villain. Rush stands resolute in his words, obviously.

He's a Family Guy
Here are some of Rush's best moments caught on video and YouTube, for you dittoheads out there. We lead off with a clip of his views on the devastating Haiti earthquake, which happened a year ago today.

10. Rush On Haiti

9. Rush On Family Guy

8. The "Barack The Magic Negro" Fiasco

7. Getting Served By Michael Savage

6. Rush Calling Out Michael J. Fox For Having Parkinson's

5. "If you love Hitler, you will love Rush."

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wow... you must all be right wingers... Posting such hate filled vitriol and rhetoric...Keep it Classy!

Gaspar Ramsey
Gaspar Ramsey

Rush is one of the reptiles who probably finds Dennis Quaid sexy.

Figgy Jones
Figgy Jones

Or a Sagittarius? That's what he seems to be, but without the optimism and magnimism (if that's even a word).

For all you astrologers out there, he was born at 7:50 am in Cape Girardeau, MO, Jan. 12, 1951.

Hmmm...his birthplace is not too far from John Wayne Gacy and Kenneth Lay. Kinda says it all....

Figgy Jones
Figgy Jones

Oy! All I saw from this headline was "to Remember Him By," and thought for sure he'd finally gone to Hillbilly Heroin Heaven, where he surely belongs....

He's the grandfather of all dicks. And it really pisses me off that he's a Capricorn. Why couldn't he be a Taurus or a Leo?

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