Navy's Lewd Videos: Captain Owen Honors Has One Fan In Houston

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A Houstonian stands up
The big news on a slow post-holiday Monday comes from the Virginia Pilot, which has obtained videos that are being decribed as "lewd" that were shown aboard a U.S. navy aircraft carrier by one of its top officers.

Captain Owen Honors, the ship's executive officer, produced, wrote and starred in the "raunchy" videos, which included -- get ready to gasp -- mimed masturbation and -- get ready to nod with approval -- two women taking a shower together.

Reaction has been utterly predictable: This is not, by God, harmless, it is reprehensible and shall be dealt with accordingly. (Bye-bye career, Captain!)

But not to one Houstonian.

In the main Associated Press report being picked up everywhere, one sailor steps up to defend Honors: "Houston native" Misty Davis.

"It's no worse than anything you'd see on Saturday Night Live or the Family Guy," said Houston native Misty Davis, who worked on the Enterprise's weapons systems during her 2006-2010 tour.

Yay Houston!!

She is not alone, by the way: A Facebook page supporting Honors has 1,200 members. It's not clear how many of them are from Houston.

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You can see a video compilation at:

It's raunchy but funny in a Southpark kind of way.

So in the name of political correctness, we kill the career of a funny energetic Naval executive officer. Ridiculous.


Does anyone, other than the hyper talking-head, crisis-creating media really believe that this raunchy movie affected in anyway the ability of The Enterprise, and crew, to function and fight in any war, as an Aircraft Carrier? Surely not. Now it's time for the head of a commanding officer to be served up on a media, bleeding heart platter.

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