Metro Danger Train Cure: Warning Labels

We don't think they will look like this
Ever since its debut, Metro's light rail system has experienced recurring trouble with vehicle collisions.

They've redesigned the warning systems at intersections, they've installed enough glowing lights to make Vegas seem tame, and still the crashes keep coming.

So it's time to call out the big guns: Warning labels.

Not just any warning labels, though. They're not talking about hard-to-see fine-print stickers tucked almost out of sight. No, instead they're going to cover an entire train with them.

Metro -- or "The New Metro," as press releases keep calling it -- "will unveil a rail car wrapped in a bumper-to-bumper decal promoting safety along rail lines" on Tuesday.

We can only hope the decals are not so eye-catching that they distract drivers, but we're sure that would be more of an "Old Metro" thing.

"Safety is one of the seven operating principles of the NEW METRO," the agency's announcement said. "This wrapped rail car encourages motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution along METRORail tracks and freight tracks throughout the region."

Try and hold your breath until Tuesday -- if you can.

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Gaff in a head act
Gaff in a head act

Will they have Braille for the sight-impaired? This isn't a comprehensive fix.


The only thing more predictable than a Metro Rail collision after a safety program announcement is catching an anti-gay republican with a rentboy after a "save marriage for the straights" rally.


This is - at best - only a first step. I recommend helpful pamphlets all along Main Street titled "So You've Just Been Hit by the Metro Rail..."

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