Stephen Jabbour, Mark Tilford: Kiddie Porn Cases Face Two Prominent South Texas Lawyers

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Stephen Jabbour and Bill Clinton
What is going on with these prominent, middle-aged lawyers in the Texas Coastal Bend and their kiddie porn? Just last week, one got sentenced to federal prison, and it seems another is likely to follow.

Last Friday, 57-year-old Stephen Jabbour, the former chairman of the Victoria County Democratic Party, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of possession and distribution of child pornography.

He was arrested in August of last year after an investigation by ICE and Homeland Security. Federal prosecutors claimed to have found hundreds of thousands of illegal images on Jabbour's home and work computers, including some that depicted "sadism and masochism perpetrated on prepubescent child victims." Jabbour allegedly acquired the images from newsgroups back in 2008.

Although he had announced plans to vigorously fight the allegations, Jabbour changed his plea from not guilty at a hearing last week. When his sentencing rolls around in March, the attorney faces five to 20 years in prison for receiving the porn and possibly ten more years for possessing it.

Back in February of 2008, Jabbour was able to persuade Bill Clinton to come sample Victoria's (secret, mostly) charms while campaigning for Hillary. Jabbour said at the time that the former president was the most important person to come to Victoria since John Wayne came to town. How could Jabbour have known then that he was backing the wrong horse -- it seems unlikely that he will be getting a federal pardon from President Obama.

Meanwhile, down the coast a county or two and the very same day Jabbour entered his plea, Navy Lieutenant Commander Mark Tilford was hauled into federal court and forced to face the very same charges, albeit "only" nine counts in his case.

Photo courtesy Corpus Christi PD
Mark Tilford: From handling Lisa Nowak to defending himself
Tilford, 43, is an attorney in the Judge Advocate General's Corps and was stationed at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. A Navy spokesman told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that Tilford has been relieved of his legal duties pending the outcome of his case.

Yesterday a U.S. District Court judge set the JAG's bond at $75,000, but the U.S. Attorney's office is fighting to keep him behind bars.

This is apparently not Tilford's first sex-related brush with the law. An official Corpus police site has him listed among the people it has snared in prostitution dragnets. According to the site, Tilford was busted in April of last year, but the disposition of that case is unclear.

He has also prosecuted at least one very kinky case. Among the highlights in Tilford's 16-year Navy career was his stint as a Navy prosecutor in the case of Lisa Nowak, the Lovestruck, Adult-Diaper-wearing astronaut. Last February Tilford laid out the Navy's options for USA Today.

Tilford's lawyer, Ron Barroso, said his client was "depressed and despondent" over the matter and needs to stay on his mental health medications.

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This Tilford guy is not depressed and despondent. He was seen in a local club back in November and was absolutely fine. In fact he tried several times to get me to go out with him... HE"S SICK alright but not to the point of what he claims...

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