Another Graffiti-Removal Effort About to Be Launched by City

Graffiti Truck 001.jpg
A graffiti truck
The city of Houston will be unveiling a big new graffiti-removal program tomorrow, throwing a spotlight on five new "graffiti trucks" that will cruise the city removing instantly the scourge of street art wherever it may be.

The Greater East End Management District has received a five-year $235,000 contract to clean things up, city spokeswoman Jessica Michan tells Hair Balls.

Mayor Annise Parker will be on hand for a ceremony and "will do whatever you do with a graffiti truck," Michan says. Since Parker loves to get photographed in a hard hat tearing down decrepit apartment complexes, we're betting there will be some action shots available.

Also on hand will be councilwoman Sue Lovell, who has been pretty aggressive in decrying graffiti.

The EEMD has long been active in fighting graffiti, claiming to have removed more than 6,500 examples in the last eight years.

The program being announced tomorrow will expand on all that, since, you know, graffiti hasn't really been eradicated. Yet.

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Hilarious waste of money. But I guess its a symbiotic to keep these guys in business I hope everyone crushes the city.

Francesco Orodinapoli
Francesco Orodinapoli

More power to them. I've witnessed the most beautiful colonial architecture buildings in Mexico ruined by graffiti.


Those trucks touch any of the major pieces in Eado or The Warehouse District, I'll vandalize them myself.

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