Golden Globes: Worst Dressed Viewers

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Put some more effort into it, girl
Last night's Golden Globes brought with it, as it always done, a string of fashion triumphs and disasters. Many a publication or online site today is busy raining down judgment with lists of each category.

We must do our part. So here are the Golden Globes' Five Worst Dressed Viewers of the night:

5. The blogger putting together the worst-dressed list
Sitting at home, laptop at the ready, eager to judge without worrying about being judged. Not today!! We rule the T-shirt-and-sweatpants look is sooooo '90s. It might be what everyone who's madly pronouncing flaws in $5,000 gowns this night is wearing, but honey -- think outside your comfort zone, just once. And give your legs a shave, willya?

4. The guy who stumbled on the Golden Globes while clicking for more football
That Patriots jersey? We don't think so. A team that goes into a ball-control offense down ten points in the fourth quarter is a team whose jersey is a fashion faux pas.

3. Masturbating guy hoping for nip slips
We get it -- comfort and easy access is the key for you. You have to be able to move quickly, and work that DVR clicker while taking care of business. Baggy, loose-fitting shorts are a must. We feel, however, that they should be washed more than once a month.

2. The person wearing the Glee T-shirt
Remember -- You don't wear the band's shirt to a concert, and you don't wear your show's merchandise as a way of rooting for them. Especially when you're sitting alone in your living room, with no one to see your effort. It's just sad, really. Open up some more Häagen-Dazs.

1. Woman wearing muumuu
Unless you're suffering from a cold that has required three bottles of NyQuil in the last two days, no. Just no.

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Muu-muu Mama
Muu-muu Mama

Well! She said frostily. It takes one to know one!

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