Gabrielle Giffords: The Media Mob Descends

The media circus has started
Photo by Sulla55

The TV wagons are lining up already for the scheduled arrival of Representative Gabrielle Giffords to the Medical Center.

This picture by Houston Press reader Sulla55, taken from a nearby building, gives some taste of what's to come when Giffords arrives at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research tomorrow.

We can only hope the Medical Center Starbucks is ready for the onslaught.

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John Smith
John Smith

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Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

Looks like the street near the courthouse for the Enron trials. Better weather of course so they don't need their little shade tents and patio chairs.

Someone needs to check out their iPads, iPhones and ITunes and report back what they are listening to and reading and talking about while sitting around.

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