Gabrielle Giffords: From Hobby to TMC by Helicopter

Gabrielle Giffords will get a veterans' motorcycle escort for the flight to Houston
No OJ-type newschopper hovering for Gabrielle Giffords's planned move to a Texas Medical Center facility tomorrow.

Her office has just announced details of the move, and it says the congresswoman will arrive at Hobby about 1:15 p.m. and then be transported by helicopter to the TMC.

On her way from the Arizona facility she is at to the airport there, she will be escorted by VFW members on motorcycles.

"The congresswoman rode with this group in May 2009, when they escorted the remains of Civil War-era veterans from Tucson to Sierra Vista," the office says.

Accompanying Giffords on the Challenger flight to Houston will be her husband and mother.

The announcement outlines the route she will take from the Arizona hospital to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base for the flight to Hobby, so it sounds like it will be something of a media event.

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big red
big red

I was wondering how the wife of an astronaut, who by the way lives in Houston with his 2 daughters, can be married to a woman who represents a district in Arizona. She spends most of the week in Washington, but goes "home" on the weekends to Tucson. Does she even know the address of her husband, or could she find it without a GPS?


And why would she not simply arrive quietly and unannounced? Is this the start of her next campaign? Will the good citizens of AZ replace her to insure a representative presence on the Hill, or extend a lengthy and indeterminate leave of absence? Good luck to Ms. Giffords but please squelch the circus atmosphere.

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