Houston, Greet Your Floating Condo Complex

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Illustration via River Cities
The early bird special is great
What Houston has been missing: A floating condo city that cruises the nation's rivers and coastal waterways. What Houston is no longer missing: That.

River Cities is in Kemah, we learn from the Houston Chronicle, looking for adventurers ready to sail on board the Marquette, a fine ship and true.

The ship has 180 condos, restaurants, hot tubs, a chipping golf course and -- we're guessing -- not a lot of kids.

It will cruise inland waterways in Texas and the south in the winter, then head up north for the summer. Houston is planned to be the home base.

"After a pleasant day of cruising the waterways, we will have cars and buses ready and waiting for your shore travel; the choice of activities will be up to you," the company says on its website.

Another plus: The rooftop "features a landing pad for medevac helicopters."

All this fun and luxury will cost you just $300,000 to $500,000 for full ownership of one of the condos. A time-share type of arrangement is also available.

Go for it, people!!


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This can't be a real thing.


It's sort of a neat concept.

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