Flea Market Reality Show Being Shot in Houston

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Stormville is not the location, in case you're confused
The Pawn Stars may be elsewhere, but when it comes to flea-market superstars, Houston is about to shine.

The National Geographic Network is producing a show that rips off is inspired by the various pawn-shop reality TV series on the air, and it's shooting it in the Houston area.

This news comes to us via Flea Market Zone, which is not some flea-market version of TMZ but rather an industry publication.

Fleaman is the working title of the show, and it will feature "a 'true flea market veteran' who will help people on the show evaluate and sell items at flea markets and swap meets."

So not only is it not at all like Pawn Stars, it's also not at all like Antiques Roadshow.

FMZ reports that the show plans to shoot at a large flea market about an hour outside of town, but it's not Traders Village.

Traders Village is busy opening a San Antonio location, but a representative said it would be amenable for future seasons of the show. As if.

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big red
big red

This will be a great show !

I can hardly wait to see them use their skills of observation to direct the cameras to the most realistic driver licenses and passports. And how helpful will they be in filming the biggest fences in town for HPD.


Trader's Village is a poor excuse for a flea market. Most Flea markets in Houston have been overrun by CCS (Cheap Chinese S***) and Bootlegged Mexican CDs. No real bargains to be found in Houston's Flea markets, so they will have to go out of town to make it interesting.


Try the "Market Place Mall" Antiques and Collectibles Mall located at 10910 Katy Freeway. They have great shops with vintage antiques and collectibles. Open every weekend Friday through Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. You will enjoy the experience!

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