Confused Wade Phillips Is Confused

Something occurred to me the other day as I was reading the sports ticker announcing that our own Houston Texans were hiring Wade Phillips as the new defensive coordinator and, in fact, keeping Gary Kubiak as head coach, in the face of a wave of anti-Kubiak gnashing of teeth.

Have you ever had a friend that was going through a rough patch in their relationship and you spent all night with them drinking and complaining about how awful their soon-to-be ex was? You reveled in the thought that they would be gone soon, and you could all start fresh with someone new, someone who liked to yell and scream and had a cool mustache.

And then they kept that boyfriend or girlfriend and you had to sit there and listen to how wrong you were and that things were going to work out and by the way, here's their best friend from Dallas who wants to meet you. He's a little confused all the time, but you could probably make out with him if you tried.

Wade always looks confused, with an almost children's book-style befuddlement. Or when you hide your face from a child and they think you disappeared and they look sad, but then you reappear again and everyone giggles and shakes.

Of course Wade, it confused me at first, too. It doesn't go where you think.


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Whenever I see an article, blog, or photos like this, I can't help but think about the big ammount of time some people have on their hands that they decide to do something as juvenile as this.It is not funny to begin with, and doesn't help the Texans either.


This blog operator is trash. Horrible article.

Mike T.
Mike T.

@thundermeadows - Apparently you're as confused about correct spelling and punctuation as Wade is about math. Maybe you should apply to the Texans !


I am confused. Or maybe this wash just a lousy blog. Anyway heres hoping your new boyfriend has a cool moustach maybe he can appreciate whatever it is you were attemting to say

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