Concealed Carry on Campus: (Conservative) Students Agree, Now Is the Time

What the sensible college student should be carrying
Things we learned today: "The Texas College Republicans and Young Conservatives of Texas
don't always see eye to eye." Big Tent, baby!!!

The claim comes in an announcement that -- despite the overwhelming variety of opinions among members of the Texas College Republicans and the Young Conservatives of Texas -- both groups believe that it is time to allow college students to pack concealed heat on campus.

Amazing, we know. Next dogs shall lie down with cats.

The groups, of course, could not ask for a more friendly legislature to implement their wishes, so they may just be right that now is the time to get it done. (If it needs to be done at all, naturally, which is another question.)

"Our opponents think this is about turning students and faculty into amateur security guards, in hopes of preventing another Virginia Tech," said Justin Till, chairman of the Texas College Republicans and a student at Angelo State University, "But this isn't about campus security; it's about personal security. It's about ensuring that Texans aren't forced to choose between getting an education and being able to protect themselves."

Tony McDonald, a senior vice-chair of the Young Conservatives of Texas and a law student at the University of Texas at Austin, says he's "cautiously optimistic" about things.

"I think most of the legislators realize that this is as much about student rights and individual rights as gun rights," he said. "The State of Texas already allows these trained, licensed, carefully-screened adults -- age 21 and above -- to carry concealed handguns throughout the rest of Texas. What evidence is there that they'll show any less discretion or sound judgment on college campuses?"

Bills have already been introduced to change the law so that guns would be allowed on campus. It is now up to the wisdom of the lege to determine if it will happen.

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As a former police officer and SWAT team leader who has trained for "Active Shooter" incidents like VT and Columbine, I am for licensed and trained professors and students carrying concealed firearms on campus.

Approximately 75% of active shooters are stopped by civilians and not law enforcement.

Armed and properly trained citizens can and do make a different. To deny someone the ability to defend themselves or other people during an active shooter incident is ignorant and should be criminal.


Arm seniors too! And I don't mean fourth-year college kids.And teachers. And inmates. And sports-bar managers.

EVERYONE has a right to protect himself. Especially in this age of terrorism, where evil-doers lurk everywhere at every moment.


I almost want to see what would happen at A&M. Almost. 40,000 republicans with absolutely no idea what target acquisition means. It'd be like a video game, only without cheat codes.


"Trained and licensed adults" in this case translates to "immature little brat who can't hold his liquor, but had the $150 and 3 free hours on a Sunday to get a CHL."


awesome, i can just imagine a cyclical scene wherein students turn into vigilanty security guards and in an attempt to gun down a campus shooter end up continually gunning down other students that arrive on the scene to act as security. let the hilarity ensue.


When I read about the incident at Gardena High School yesterday, where a high school senior's concealed weapon accidentally discharged and shot a girl in the head, my first thought is, "This tragedy could have been averted if ALL of the kids were armed."

Just imagine. When the first shot went off, everyone in the room could have unholstered their weapon and returned fire! Then everything would have ended well.

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