Comment Of The Day: Hudson Lounge Vs. The Big Easy

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We have some great commenters here on Hair Balls, and it's time we paid some damn attention to them.

So we'll be highlighting a Comment of the Day each morning, from the previous day's work. Maybe two comments, even.

This will all be determined by a highly rigorous scientific formula involving wit, clarity and whatever else we feel like at the moment.

We wrote about Rice Village's chic Hudson Lounge, which found itself in a flap over whether allegations of racism were true concerning a fiasco of a party.

It led one reader to examine the worlds of difference that exist between two almost-neighbors.

Delilahadams23 wrote:

Compare and contrast Hudson Lounge to The Big Easy just down a few doors down. One is a real bar, with real entertainment, owned by a guy with a real interest in the music and musicians that he personally books and sometimes plays with onstage.

There is no dress code, or puffy ambition to be 'upscale', and diversity reigns supreme there: not just among races, but among socio-economic groups too. It's night and day between how to run a club. But to each his own, of course; just observing.

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I don't know why all the blacks are mad about being thrown out of the Hudson Lounge. I know Adam Kliebert and Adam has worked hard to keep the blacks out so we can have a white club. If we want to mingle with blacks, then we would walk over to the Big Easy. But I agree with Adam, we have a right to have our club as a all white club. It's not illegal to tell blacks to get the hell out of a club you own when the blacks start fighting and stealing drinks and try to pick up our white women. I don't hit on black women, and as anyone who lives in Houston know, black men won't even hit on black women. But that's not my problem, I don't want to see black men thinking they can come into the Hudson Lounge and hit on my white women. I will keep coming to the Hudson Lounge because I know that Adam will keep the blacks out.

Richard Doll
Richard Doll

Kleiglights is right on the mark, regent032 could never have been to "The Big Easy" with his idiotic comments. I love "The Big Easy", and Delilahadams23 comment was very astute. We need more places with character where peope enjoy each others company regardless of color or status...


The Hudson "lounge" is what it is, it's a "lounge". The Big Easy looks like it could be a bar in the 3rd ward. It sounds like it could be a bar in the 3rd ward. Except it's in the Rice Village and its clientele is mostly upper middle class white people. There's something slightly patronizing about watching "the man" enjoying a musical art form that laments being persecuted by "the man". Also, the Big Easy has always given me that "Landry's" feel. Like your just expecting Tillman & Co. to buy it out and franchise it. Next thing you know there will be a The Big Easy bar inside The Golden Nugget.


Agree with Richard. Real places with real people are an endangered species.


Regent, you've apparently never been to the Big Easy. And know even less about music.

But considering the assholes who valet for the Hudson Lounge, their luxe cars and SUVs blocking Robinhood and access to Big Easy's parking lot, I'm sure that Big Easy might entertain a franchise offer from Tilman, were he feeling generous ;))

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