Christopher Clark Pollett: Kids' Nonprofit Worker Charged with Child Porn (Updated)

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Christopher Pollett, indicted for distributing child porn
A man who works for a nonprofit organization "dedicated to after-school programs and community development" has been indicted on child pornography charges, the U.S. Attorney's office announced today.

Christopher Clark Pollett, 62, was arrested earlier this month, the office said. An investigation resulted in a search of his home last June and, prosecutors say, "several computers...along with 8 mm film reels, allegedly contained more than 17,000 digital images and approximately 400 videos of child pornography and books and binders found in the residence also contained images of naked minors."

Prosecutors say Pollett works for a nonprofit community program center in southwest Houston, but court documents did not reveal the program's name. Calls to the U.S. Attorney's office went unreturned, as did calls to what some Internet searching seems to indicate is the possible organization. (See update.)

Magistrate judge Nancy Johnson ordered Pollett be held without bond pending trial on charges of distributing child pornography, the U.S. Attorney's office said.

Pollett was indicted January 12, but it was kept sealed. With his arrest and court hearing, the indictment was unsealed today.

Update: Neighborhood Centers, Inc. is the agency Pollett worked for. They issued the following statement:

Neighborhood Centers Inc. is deeply concerned about the allegations against an agency employee.

We learned today that the employee has been charged with distribution of child pornography through use of computers located in his home.

Upon learning of the indictment, Neighborhood Centers Inc. immediately placed the employee on suspension.

The agency has tight controls on internal computer usage, including searches, emails and communications. These controls immediately flag any inappropriate systems usage.
The employee, Chris Pollet, is the Director of Planning, Research & Evaluation. In this position, Mr. Pollet had no direct interaction with clients of the agency.

We reiterate our commitment to serving the citizens of Houston.

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Crazy... I used to work with this guy! I'm so creeped out... it's always the quiet ones.

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