Timothy Rosales Jr.: Yet Another Escapee from a Houston Halfway House

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Timothy Rosales: Another escapee from a Houston halfway house
Timothy Rosales Jr. is the first rapist of 2011 to escape from the privately run Ben Reid halfway house, and the second to escape in a little over a month.

The 39-year-old sex offender fled from the Beaumont Highway facility around 6:15 Monday night, according to the Department of Public Safety. He's considered armed and dangerous. And, like Arthur William Brown, the rapist who escaped in late December, he was able to remove his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

We wrote about the unsecured Reid facility, and its parent company, the Florida-based GEO Group, in December. Two months before the story ran, Anthony Ray Ferrell escaped from Reid and allegedly shot and killed a 24-year-old good samaritan who intervened in a gas station purse-snatching. Another rapist split the Reid facility a few weeks before Ferrell slipped out.

Although the place is like a freaking sieve, there is nothing in
GEO's contract with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice about a
maximum number of vicious sexual predators that can be let loose on the
public in a given amount of time. And once these monsters step off the
Reid premises, they're no longer GEO's problem: It is up to actual
real-life law enforcement officers to apprehend the escapees. All GEO
personnel need to do is pick up the phone and make a few calls once they
realize an offender hasn't returned on time.

Needless to say, we're a little concerned about the kind of people who are standing between the public and some armed asshole who likes to rape 16-year-old kids.

You know who doesn't need to worry? GEO's top executives. Their
salaries and benefits are secure. They will continue to make money off
the Reid facility. And besides, their families don't live anywhere near
the facility. So what in the world would they have to worry about?

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heard is the real question why do any of us do any of these things?.....you the answer is nobody will ever know n0w ask yourself what have you done to help yourself and your comminty besides the fact on what these guys did and whom there know to be is basically saying why are you citizsiding yourself when ypu know to do the same thing you know some of these guys learn there lesson by what they are put though and yeah some dont but you know what look whos really the monsters here its you citzsiding people that kno what they are and whom they seem to be because ya arent the same but your also doing the same just in a diifferent way therefore your guilty as well,,,,


I heard about an illegal Brazilian alien who preyed on young Florida girls. When finally caught liberal woman judge gave him a electronic ankle jewelry, which he got off and now he is back to terrorizing Florida's teenage girls unless he fled to another state. The guy probably entered on a pass to see Disneyland from Brazil with a group and skipped going back to Brazil. He should have been deported to Siberia since the D Day head museum honcho in Virginia is honoring Stalin with a bust in the museum. Stalin must have secretly been a sweet commie guy not meaning anybody any harm...NOT!


Funny thing is people that read stuff like this and only see part of the story she the first to start pointing fingers. People should research before speaking and judging.


This guy is going to be SO embarrassed when he comes home and finds out his cat walked across his keyboard and hit “Post” while he was gone!

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