Alex Raymond Sanchez: Cypress Man Jailed for Sexting High Schooler

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Alex Raymond Sanchez: Chris Hansen might want a word
Perhaps the 15-year-old girl should have taken as a sign that she met 22-year-old Alex Raymond Sanchez at a funeral. Her brother's funeral, no less. Maybe in her bereavement her guard was down. Who knows? At any rate, according to court documents, soon after that sad day last August, she gave Sanchez her phone number and the two began calling and texting each other immediately.

The documents state that she revealed her age, and Sanchez his, in one of their early conversations. But that didn't stop Sanchez, who evidently never watched Chris Hansen's exploits on Dateline NBC, or maybe he had and didn't care. Dude was gonna get his Humbert Humbert on, come what may. According to the probable cause report, 13 days after the funeral, and after learning that the girl was jailbait by any definition, he allegedly sent her the following text:

"I have a 7 ½ cock. That's as big as your face. Do you want it?"

Evidently, that little sweet nothing didn't quite do the trick, because three days later, he allegedly felt compelled to text this little endearment:

"Like I said when we fuck, can you suck my cock?"

And the day after that, he allegedly pledged his willingness to reciprocate:

"Just think to have my wet warm tongue all over you [sic] tight teenage pussy."

Alarmed, the girl handed over her phone to her mom, who called the cops, who were given permission to examine the phone. After his arrest earlier this week, Sanchez allegedly confessed to both knowing the girl's age and sending the texts. The Cypress resident now faces three counts of online solicitation of a minor. Each count carries a penalty of two-to-20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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I am Specialist Sanchez's new wife, and I noticed that the "victim's" texts were not included in this article.


That Sanchez was dirty... Dirty, dirty Sanchez...


omg! I think this might be my ex husband. everything fits so well. who ever wrote this should immediately contact me!

Guest please email me

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