Top Ten Celebrities This Decade Who Crashed and Burned with Video Evidence

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And a partridge in a pear tree...
Last week, we gave you our list of celebrities who manage to save their careers after difficult times. This week, we go a different direction. If we have learned anything from TMZ, it's that people love celebrity scandals and the more salacious it is, the more people like it.

The last ten years have seen plenty of celebrities suffer through problems from addiction and divorce to sex tapes and violence, but if you want to make it on our list of celebrities who crashed and burned, you have to do some really dumb stuff. It also helps if you were super famous to begin with and if you approached your failure with the smugness of a jerk off who cuts people off in traffic and flips them the bird because they honked.

You have to be a real wreck to make this list. Here we go.

10. Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore is a critically acclaimed tough-guy actor, who has been highly sought after by directors and has appeared in numerous successful films including True Romance, Heat, Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. Unfortunately, Sizemore is also an addict. As a result, this promising actor now has a string of arrests and stints in jail to add to his resume. He has been shot, arrested for assault and battery against his former girlfriend, "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss, and nabbed for possession of meth. Recently, he was encouraged to go on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew because if you are going to get sober, you may as well get paid for it.

9. David Hasselhoff

No one is allowed to hassle the Hoff except, of course, for the Hoff himself. The former soap star, chief Pamela Anderson bikini waxer on Baywatch and unlikely German pop star also happens to be a raging alcoholic who rolls around on the floor with hamburgers while his daughter rolls the camera. For someone with marginal talent, his stint as a judge on America's Got Talent notwithstanding, he should be drinking in every moment of success instead of every fifth of vodka he can get his hands on.

8. Tom DeLay

There are a lot of you out there who find this particular collapse to be quite satisfying. The self-proclaimed "Texas Hammer" and conservative congressional leader went from running the House of Representatives to being convicted of money laundering. His tactics as a political leader were often blunt and brutal, which made it seem like poetic justice when his guilty verdict was handed down in similar fashion. To go from a couple heartbeats away from the Presidency to a drop of the soap away from sodomy is a fall worthy of a Greek tragedy.

7. Tom Cruise

Does anyone remember when this guy made women swoon? We don't either. The superstar actor found success through good looks and a boyish charm on the big screen in everything from blockbuster films Top Gun and Mission Impossible to more dramatic turns in Rain Man and Magnolia. He stared down Jack Nicholson, became a Samurai and managed to survive Stanley Kubrick and his awful, spare, one-note-at-a-time piano theme in Eyes Wide Shut. Now, Cruise is known as much for his beliefs in Scientology, bizarre public behavior and the much rumored captivity of his actress wife, Katie Holmes. His movies have started to tank and everyone just assumes he's gay. On top of all that, Goose died because he was too much of a Maverick.

6. Michael Richards

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has managed to carve out a post-Seinfeld career for herself. Jerry still does stand up comedy quite successfully. Even Jason Alexander works in Broadway productions, where he got his start. Then there's Kramer. After the show about nothing went off the air, Richards found zero luck on his own. His NBC pilot tanked and nothing else substantial came along for the former hipster dufus. Then, in 2006, on stage at a comedy club, he went, as Regis Philbin said of Kramer, "bonko!" He not only called out a heckler, but dropped the n-word repeatedly. Naturally, it was all caught on camera. Richards appeared in several forums and offered awkward apologies, but the damage was done. Giddyup!

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