Top Ten Celebrities This Decade Who Overcame Controversy

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The center of all things smarmy and controversial.
Celebrities have money and fame and are constantly surrounded by controversy. Many of them never make it back from a serious legal problem or a major embarrassment. Ask Mel Gibson.

Others, however, find their footing and manage to right the ship before going under. Some do it behind the strength of their talents while others are just so well liked, it's hard to get anyone to hate them.

The last ten years has been chock full of celebrity insanity, so we put together this little list for you to show that some celebrities really can bounce back from adversity.

10. Michelle Rodriguez

A little Lost.
The Lost star has had all sorts of run-ins with the law including two brief stints in jail, nearly all related to alcohol problems. It seemed like every time you looked at TMZ, you saw a picture of Rodriguez.

But the Texas-born actress has been free from legal snafus lately and her career seems to have been resurrected with roles in Fast & Furious and the blockbuster Avatar.

9. Christian Bale

"OH, good for you!" Christian Bale's epic meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation for which he later apologized and called himself a "punk" didn't damage his standing as an actor including roles in the critically acclaimed film The Fighter and a new Batman installment on the way.

8. Colin Farrell

Doesn't everyone just expect Farrell to get into trouble? From sex tapes to a spectacular marriage flame-out after four months to harassing phone-sex workers, the Irish bad boy seems built for mayhem. Despite all the controversy, Farrell continues to get plenty of work and even earned a Golden Globe for his work on In Bruges

7. Russell Crowe

Not a scene from an episode of Law and Order.
Crowe has come a long way since Virtuosity. Yikes! But, his success has not come without some bumps along the way including a 2005 arrest for throwing a phone at a hotel employee who wouldn't help him make a phone call. Crowe's altercation didn't slow him down. He managed to clean up his image and has appeared in films that have brought him both monetary success and critical acclaim.

6. Vanessa Hudgens

The Disney High School Musical teen star might be best known online for leaked naked photos (very NSFW!) intended for her boyfriend that were stolen from her phone and posted on the web.

To her credit, she owned the situation, admitted what she had done and apologized. Since, she has continued to work both as an actress and singer earning MTV Movie and Teen Choice Awards.

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