The Five Most Sex Offender-Riddled Zip Codes In Houston

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We'll get to our list of the five zip codes with the most sex offenders in Houston, but first let's discuss other areas of note.

Outside of one of the zips in the list that follows, the area with the most sex offenders inside the loop is zip code 77009, which takes in both the Woodland Heights and much rougher areas to the north, specifically the super-sketchy area around Airline Drive and the North Loop. There are 121 sex offenders in that Zip code right now.

The next most inside the loop are Fifth Ward's 77020 (98 sex offenders). Following that is 77004, which takes in Third Ward, the UH area, parts of Midtown, and the Binz. Those areas are home to 97 sex offenders. The bleak nether zone sandwiched between Third Ward and South Park -- zip code 77021 -- comes in after that, with 92.

Montrose zips 77006 and 77098 come in with 45 and 22, respectively. Several of 098's sex offenders live in the Skylane Apartments.

Firty-nine sex offenders live in the northern Heights (77008) while 34 live in the south (77007). Downtown has 47, the vast bulk of them either homeless or living in missions.

While 24 sex offenders have a River Oaks Zip code (77019), none reside amid its opulent splendor. All live in either the Montrosian fringes of that zip code or in the subsidized housing along Allen Parkway.

As for the fewest, you have Med Center-area zips like 77054 (8), 77030 (5), and 77025 (11). The other River Oaks zip code -- 77027 -- has six; once again, none living in River Oaks proper. West U / Southampton / Boulevard Oaks is the safest 'hood inside the Loop with a mere two sex offenders within its bounds. (Both live in the City of West University Place.)

And now for the five most sex offender-riddled Zips in the whole entire city...

5. 77093
Principal Intersection: Jensen at Parker
Neighborhood name: Jensen / Eastex
Sex Offenders: 122

4. 77033
Princpal Intersection: MLK and Bellfort
Neighborhood name: South Park
Sex Offenders: 132

3. 77028
Principal Intersection: Homestead at Ley
Neighborhood name: Trinity / Houston Gardens
Sex Offenders:133

2. 77026
Principal Intersection:
Cavalcade at Hirsch
Neighborhood name: Kashmere Gardens
Sex Offenders:198

1. 77078
Principal Intersection:
Tidwell at Mesa
Neighborhood name: none. Hell might suffice.
Sex Offenders:337

Probably 90 percent of the sex offenders in this blighted zip reside in the Ben A. Reid Community Correctional Facility, a frequently-embattled 500-bed halfway house on the scenic and fragrant Beaumont Highway.

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