The 12 Best Mugshots Of 2010

Categories: Crime

Here's a dozen of the creepiest, funniest, fugliest, and weirdest mugshots of 2010. Enjoy them, but know this: there but the grace of God and a too-wild night could go you.

12. Randolph Caldwell

Randolph Caldwell.jpg

11. Paul Weldon Benge

Paul Weldon Benge.jpg

10. David Anthony Jones

David Anthony Jones.JPG

9. Butch Lee Marker

Butch Lee Marker.jpg

8. Brian Edward Miller

Brian Edward Miller.jpg

7. Stephanie Waldron

Stephanie Waldron.jpg

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Half-baked "lists" like this just turn me off ot eh houstonpress site.  Content farm.  These aren't even good mugshots. I hope you don't get paid for these

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