Last Minute Christmas Shopping: Experience the Madness!

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Dawn McGee
Sean Waggoner and his daughters look for a present for mom.
We've all done it at some time or another. Waiting until the very last minute to brave the crowds at Highland Village or the Galleria. As we heard someone say, it's not so bad if you just suck it up and expect it to be a hassle.

We sent our photographer Dawn out to talk to some procrastinating shoppers. Meet Sean Waggoner. He and his daughters Tess and Reese are shopping for mommy at the Galleria, which was their first choice for presents.

Dawn McGee
Haley, Emily, and Morgan from Bridge City, TX, hit the Galleria to spend some of their Christmas money. They said they planned to do plenty more shopping today.

Dawn McGee
If there was a cause you wanted to support or protest, hanging out at the Galleria on Christmas Eve would be a great way to get a lot of eyes. Our photog spotted this group on Westheimer just west of the mall.

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